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The so-called Radon Underfloor Extraction is an effective measure to protect oneself in the long term from the health-damaging Radon Gas in one's own four walls in case of significantly increased radon levels. See the clear result of our AlphaBlowers - made in Germany! 

Radon underfloor extraction with the AlphaBlower 

Radon Gas - which continuously enters your house, apartment or office, is absorbed by our radon extraction system and discharged outside where it becomes harmless.  

For this purpose, we use our RadonTec Alphablower. This high-quality device is specially manufactured by us. We have been experts in radon protection for over 7 years and are an accredited body by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection. Our expertise as well as many years of experience determine the product development, with the aim to provide you with safe and efficient devices. We are both manufacturer and solution provider when it comes to radon! 

The AlphaBlower is a gas-tight high-performance ventilator that can be used to extract radon from under the floor slabs of buildings. In addition to its compact design, its energy efficiency and high-quality components stand out.  

Learn more about the product in our Radonshop: AlpahBlower 

Just recently, we installed a radon extraction system with the AlphaBlower at one of our Munich customers, with significantly elevated radon levels in the office.  

Radon underfloor extraction with the AlphaBlower As you can clearly see from the graph, the value (blue) at the beginning of the measurement is between 1,500 and 2,500 becquerels per cubic meter of room air. As soon as the AlphaBlower system is switched on and radon gas is extracted, the values drop immediately to below 500 Bq/m³. As a counter test, the system was switched off for a short time and you can see on the graph how the radon value drastically increases again to 2,500 Bq/m³. A clear proof that our radon subsoil extraction works perfectly!  

What sets the RadonTec AlpahBlower - made in Germany, apart from other devices on the market?  

1. Our special process allows us to place an underfloor extraction unit with as little intervention in your building as possible. Many other companies have to drill five to six holes through the floor slab. With our ingenious system, one hole is all that is needed.  

2. The radon extraction system device must also be absolutely gas-tight inside, which unfortunately is not the case with most devices.  The devastating consequence: radon gas in high concentration escapes into the room air. Our AlphaBlower is 100% gas-tight - nothing escapes here!  

3. You are afraid of a permanent noise nuisance caused by the radon extraction unit? Our AlpahBlower is extremely quiet, even at maximum level.  

4. Another advantage is the low power consumption: at maximum power, the RadonTec AlphaBlower consumes only 70 watts of electricity. Other devices require up to 2,500 watts of electricity. Here is a calculation example to illustrate the difference: With the AlphaBlower you will incur 100 to 200€ electricity costs per year, with other devices 1,500 to 2,500€ electricity costs per year.  

5. The RadonTec AlphaBlower is low maintenance! This means that the unit does not require any maintenance and will work for many years without causing you any further maintenance costs.  

An important note at this point:

Don't just look at the cost of radon remediation, but also factor in ongoing follow-up costs, such as electricity costs or maintenance costs. An inexpensive unit may be cheaper to purchase initially, but will prove to be more expensive and less reliable in the long run. 

Learn more about the AlpahBlower 2200 in our Radon Shop

You have measured radon levels in your home or business that you don't want to let stand: We develop an effective concept of protection and remediation measures for you and implement them with many years of expertise. The aim is to find a way that is tailor-made for you and to achieve a lasting effect.

RadonTec AlphaBlower

Do you have questions or a concern about Radon Protection?  

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