Detecting radon entry points: From now on with our AlphaSniffer

RadonTec AlphaSniffer for radon sniffing

Radon Sniffing fast and easy with the AlphaSniffer

We are pleased to start this spring with a special extension of our product portfolio: The RadonTec AlphaSniffer. With this Radon sniffing device, our customers can now easily and instantly locate radon entry paths in buildings and thus gather basic knowledge for further remediation work. In this article we would like to introduce the AlphaSniffer and its technical advantages.

For which purposes is the AlphaSniffer used?

Radon sniffers, like our AlphaSniffer, are mostly used by experts in building diagnostics. This takes place prior to renovation work and provides important information for further measures and their scope. In the process, the points in the building from which the radon enters into the rooms are located. These differ from house to house (e.g. sockets, cracks or pipes) and must be located individually.

Lightning fast, accurate and robust

Our AlphaSniffer is especially characterized by its fast reaction time: After only 15 seconds, the values displayed clearly and almost instantly show the user where the noble gas is emitted. An accurate quantification of radon occurrence is possible after only 5 minutes, subsequent products of radon are also recorded. The sensitivity for the detection of the decay is extremely high. Our Radon Sniffer also scores with its robust housing and inner workings, making it a reliable and durable companion for building diagnostics. For a safe storage of your AlphaSniffer, the suitable protective case is provided with your order.

Easy handling

A high degree of user-friendliness is achieved by the large OLED display, on which measured values can be read quickly and conveniently. The operation of our Radon Sniffer is greatly simplified by a one-button control. Thus the user of the device can keep the focus on the entry points and is not distracted by complex handling.

Digital real-time monitoring

In today's digital world, a connection to the smartphone is almost a must. Of course, our AlphaSniffer also meets this requirement and can be easily connected to the smartphone during the measurement via Bluetooth low energy and the app "Radon Sniffer" (available for iOS and Apple).

Datenansicht App

Datenansicht App

AlphaSniffer in detail

Indicated Usage
Radon remediation
Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) technology
11.5 x 8.5 x 11 cm (4.5 x 3.33 x 4.33 inch)
510 gram (1.12 lbs)
3.2 cm x 1.8 cm OLED
Power supply
3.7V internal rechargeable 4,400mAh Li-Ion battery pack; 19 to 20 hours operation
5V, 400mA; 16 hours charge time
Air pump
Approximately 500 mL/min
Scintillation cell: 1 counts per minute (CPM) = 28 Bq/m3 (= 0.75 pCi/L)
Lower Limit of Detection
37 Bq/m3 (1 pCi/L) [Sniff mode running for 30 minutes]
Response Time
15 seconds
Recovery Time
Recovers from high radon exposures to 5% peak value in 5 minutes
Scintillation Cell Volume
0.30 L

Do you have any questions?

Do you need further information or do you have another request? Then feel free to contact us.


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