Four schools in the Harz Mountains affected by elevated radon levels

The district of Goslar announced that elevated radon levels were detected in twelve of more than 300 classrooms examined. Following the radon measurements, it emerged that classrooms in the Oberschule Vienenburg, in the Haupt- und Realschule Clausthal-Zellerfeld, in the Schulzentrum Braunlage and in the Goslar Ratsgymnasium were affected.   

For two years, the city and district of Goslar have belonged to the radon precautionary areas.

Elevated radon levels in the district of Goslar

Radon protection measures must now be initiated by the district of Goslar in order to reduce the elevated radon levels in the four affected schools in the long term. 

Radon Limits Federal Radiation Protection

Consequences of elevated radon levels 

Anyone exposed to elevated radon levels over an extended period of time, whether in daycare facilities, schools, the workplace, or at home, is exposed to a permanent health hazard. Radon gas has been shown to be the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. The naturally occurring, radioactive noble gas radon seeks its way from the ground into buildings of all kinds - whether new or old.

Radon occurrence

Where does radon occur?

Radon is found almost everywhere in the environment. The gas occurs wherever uranium is present in the soil. Radon can be found in nature as well as in living spaces, mines or cellars. The gas not only penetrates from the ground into buildings, but also comes from building materials that may contain uranium-bearing minerals. 

Radon Detector

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Elevated radon levels in the district of Goslar

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