As one of the leading European manufacturers of sealing systems for cables, pipes and house entries, Hauff-Technik protects buildings from penetrating water, gas, fire, dirt, vermin and RADON. The innovative solutions guarantee absolute tightness, efficient economy, user-friendliness and longevity in buildings of all kinds. From single-family homes to various building trades and large infrastructure projects.

Hauff Technik - Radon Products

Customers include energy suppliers, public utilities, Hauff partners, construction companies, telecommunications companies and industry. But also architects, planners and private clients trust in the experience and competence.

Nowadays, fire protection and energy saving in buildings are a matter of course and regulated by law. According to experts, on the basis of the new Radiation Protection Act, this obligation is also conceivable for the noble gas radon in the future.

A noble gas that is making waves among home builders, architects and construction companies: radon. There is great uncertainty, because at present there is still too little educational work being done on the subject of radon-proof construction. This barrier must be broken down, because the subject of radon could develop in the future in a similar way to fire protection and energy saving, for which official requirements already exist. The experts assume that there could soon be corresponding proofs and regulations regarding liability with regard to radon gas.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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