Hype on Geiger counter - We got new deliveries!

The sanctions against Russia have far-reaching economic consequences. Numerous companies have restricted their business in Russia. Due to the export stop in Russia, it will probably be difficult to obtain sufficient new goods in the coming weeks! 

Therefore, we are surprised to have received another delivery of RADEX Geiger counters, which we offer you now in our Radon Shop: Radiation Detectors

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The functioning of the Geiger counter simply explained!

The best known method for measuring radioactivity is the Geiger counter. The easy-to-use device gives a signal as soon as radioactive radiation enters, because this is followed by a current flow between the anode and the cathode in the Geiger counter. Conversely, current flows whenever radioactive radiation is detected in the air and thus in the Geiger counter. 

Unexpected supply of Geiger counters!

We have received a new supply of Radex ONE Geiger counters, which are used to monitor background radiation. Attention, we still have a few Geiger counters in stock, as they are in high demand at the moment. Click here to go directly to the products: Radiation Detectors

Get Yours Before They´re Gone!

Attack the nuclear power plant Zaporizhzhya!

Due to the actions of the Russian President Vladimir Putin in the "Russia - Ukraine - War" and the shocking event a few days ago - the fear rises among the world population about a new nuclear catastrophe. In the night of March 4th.2022, according to Ukrainian data, Russian troops shelled the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. Video images of a live feed on the Internet showed explosions and clouds of smoke over the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant. According to firefighters, Russian soldiers initially did not let firefighting teams through to the scene of the fire, as a result of which the fire could not be extinguished until hours later. 

Fortunately, the fire did not reach the reactor units and, according to the IAEA, there should be no elevated radioactive levels. In addition to the export ban, the G7 countries plan to impose further sanctions against Russia if President Putin does not immediately end the invasion of Ukraine.

Why a hype on Geiger counters due to Ukraine-Crisis?!

In the event of a nuclear explosion the Geiger counter is the simplest method of detecting radioactive contamination in the immediate vicinity. Due to the current export ban in Russia there is only limited access to new goods and for this reason the orders for Geiger counters increased rapidly in the last two weeks. 

We have only a few Geiger counters left in stock, as they are in high demand at the moment. Click here to go directly to the products: Radiation Detectors

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