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Leasing | Bertin AlphaE - Professional radon measuring device

Leasing | Bertin AlphaE - Professional radon measuring device

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Category: Leasing
  • Rental device with variable rental period
  • Measurement of radon inside and outside buildings
  • Measuring range: 20 Bq/m3 - 10,000,000 Bq/m³
  • Acoustic alarm
  • Optional: advice by telephone from a radon expert
  • Delivery time: 2 - 3 Workdays (DE - int. shipments may differ)
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  • Rental device with variable rental period
  • Measurement of radon inside and outside buildings
  • Measuring range: 20 Bq/m3 - 10,000,000 Bq/m³
  • Acoustic alarm
  • Optional: advice by telephone from a radon expert
Term of lease 

Shipping only within Germany and Austria

The shipping of rental equipment is limited to Germany and Austria.
Rental to other EU countries may be feasible after consultation.
Send us a short request by e-mail to support[at]

For general information on the rental process, please see Leasing.


Radon meter AlphaE from Bertin

The AlphaE radon meter is a small, professional hand-held device for continuous radon measurement. Thanks to its low weight and compact dimensions, the AlphaE radon meter is particularly suitable for determining personal exposure and personal dose.

Equipped with a diffusion chamber with silicone diode, the sensitivity is 3 cph at 100 Bq/ m³. This means that even low radon levels of 100 Bq/m³ can be measured (as required by the latest WHO recommendation: 12 % inaccuracy at 1 sigma/24 h). A user-settable equilibrium factor allows the radon-induced dose to be estimated. The device was developed in collaboration with the Helmholtz Centre in Munich. Extensive measurements and user tests carried out by the Helmholtz Centre have confirmed the validity of the calibration and the error-free function even under extreme conditions of use (including high humidity such as in waterworks, mines, etc.).

The Radon Monitor AlphaE is battery powered and allows independent measurements with a battery life of up to 6 months. Alternatively, the Radon Monitor AlphaE can also be supplied with mains voltage via the USB port. The collected measurement data are archived in the internal flash memory and can be read out via the USB port. In this way, the measurement data of a half year can be stored (with a 1-hour measurement cycle). In addition to the radon measurement data, the signals of the integrated motion/manipulation detector and the temperature sensor are also recorded. The associated measurement times are also stored. A communication and readout software for exporting the data to Excel (or DataEXPERT) is commercially available.

Product Details

  • Determination of radon personal exposure
  • Radon measurement inside and outside buildings
  • Measuring range: 20 Bq/m3 to 10 MBq/m³
  • Handily, small and powerful
  • Long battery life
  • Acoustic alarm
  • Robust aluminium housing

Technical data

  • Detector principle: diffusion chamber with silicone Diode
  • Measuring range: 20 Bq/m³ ? 10 MB/m³ (0.54 pCi/l ? 270 nCi/l) SI [Bq/m³] / US [pCi/l] (please specify when ordering )
  • Sensitivity: 3 cph at 100 Bq/m³
  • Measuring range: According to set equilibrium factor / 0 - 1 Sv (0 - 10 rem)
  • Measuring interval: Adjustable from 1 min - 12 h
  • Storage capacity: 12,900 data sets (9 ? 6,450 days, depending on the measurement interval)
  • Diffusion time constant: Type . 1 - 2 h (customisable smoothing factor)
  • Battery operating time (rechargeable): approx. 6 months (rechargeable via USB)
  • Interface: USB, cable incl. charger
  • Additional sensors: temperature sensor, motion/manipulation sensor
  • Display: 6-digit LCD & 5-digit alphanumeric display, backlighting
  • Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 3 cm
  • Weight: 165 g

Scope of delivery

  • Alpha E meter
  • USB cable
  • Power supply unit
  • Manual


Is the AlphaE the right rental unit for me?

In addition to the AlphaE, we offer other rental devices, which differ mainly in the scope of performance of the devices. Compare active radon meters and find the ideal meter for you.

Measurement recommendation

Measure relevant rooms (i.e. daily occupancy > 2 h) over a period of three to five days in order to record different weather conditions and their effects on radon entry into the Building.
The highest radon concentrations are usually found at the lowest floor level of a building. However, due to chimney effects, radon also rises to floors above. Therefore, we recommend that you always measure at least one room on the ground floor or first floor in order to obtain a comparative value.
Radon entry paths usually vary from room to room. It is advisable to measure all rooms on the lowest floor where you regularly stay for a longer period of time.
You can find further tips on measuring radon, measuring duration, installation locations and classification of results in our Radon Helpdesk.

Telephone consultation with a Radon expert (optional)

Book our telephone consultation for your rental unit. Our engineers are trained radon experts of the LfU Augsburg (State Office for the Environment in Augsburg). We will support you in interpreting the measurement results, advise you on any necessary (remediation) measures to reduce the radon concentration and answer any questions you may have about your radon measurement. Arrange a meeting after the end of your radon measurement.

Measuring instruments rental contract

Bertin | AlphaE Manual EN

Bertin | AlphaE Data sheet DE

Bertin | AlphaE Data sheet EN

Bertin | AlphaE Flyer DE

Bertin | AlphaE Flyer EN

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