MZ recommends our Radontec Exposimeter for precise radon measurement

In the MZ Newspaper Article from May 10th 2022 our RadonTec Exposimeters are recommended for long-term Radon Measurement.  

The MZ reports that the unified municipality of Arnstein, was one of the first municipalities in the district at the beginning of 2021, which set up our devices for Radon Measurements in their facilities.   

The reason why the Radon Measurements were set in motion was the suspicion that in most of the municipalities in Mansfeld-Südharz the radon limit value was exceeded.      

In the Radiation Protection Act, the German legislator defined the reference value of 300 Bq/m³ as an annual average. The WHO recommends a radon concentration below 100 Bq/m³ indoors.  

Relieving results brought the precise long-term measurements of the municipalities in Mansfeld-Südharz... Learn more in the MZ article 

The radon meters shown are two of our exposimeters:   

RadonTec PRD Exposimeter

PRD Radon measurement for your home (1-12 months)

Perform long-term Radon Measurements easily and inexpensively by yourself with RadonTec PRD Exposimeter.  

Click here to go directly to the product link 

ALTRAC LD Radon Exposimeter for indoor Radon measurement

ALTRAC LD | Indoor Radon Exposimeter (1-12 months) 

The passive Radon Exposimeter LD is particularly suitable for long-term determination of radon concentrations in your indoor rooms. These Radon Dosimeters are absolutely insensitive to short-term radon fluctuations and thus provide reliable long-term values. They can be easily and inconspicuously installed in living and working spaces.  

Click here to go directly to the product link 

MZ recommends our Radontec Exposimeter for precise radon measurement

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2022-05-15 16:21:00

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