RADONTEC is the general importer for the entire EU with the RadonEye measuring devices

Also this week we had a run on our measuring devices - this time on the RadonEye RD200 Radon Measuring Device since they were featured in the BR video from March 13th 2022! We at RADONTEC are RadonEye general importers for all of Europe and bring the high quality, accurate, easy to use radon meters from South Korea to you in Europe.  

A long service life of over 10 years as well as first-class quality - since the devices do not need to be recalibrated - are some of the features that distinguish the RadonEye radon measuring devices. Comparable high-quality professional measuring devices normally amount to approx. 12,000 €uro.  

As RadonEye General Importer we are also responsible for the quality and the devices themselves. We are, so to speak, "Quasi-Manufacturers" and supply not only private customers but also all dealers in Europe. On Amazon, Ebay and many other market places the RadonEye radon meters are offered by resellers for 189 €uro to 199 €uro. In our Radonshop you can get them for 179 €uro.  

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RadonEye RD200 | The BESTSELLER 2021 

RadonEye RD200 Radon Gas Detector

We are not only "quasi-manufacturer" and supplier - but solution provider at the same time! Because as soon as you detect elevated radon gas levels in your residential or commercial building by measuring with the RadonEye RD200 or the RadonEyePlus2, the question "What now?" arises. 

This is where we at RADONTEC, as competent experts in radon protection, come in. We will be happy to advise you and, based on our years of experience in radon containment, create an individual solution strategy for the protection of your home or workplace. RadonEye RD200 Radon Gas Detector

The two pictures were taken during the BR video shoot. Here you can see the RadonEye radon measuring device in use at two customers in Munich.

Radon Expert Martin Waltl

Are you interested in the topic of radon and still have questions?   

 Then visit our info page: Radon consulting or contact us!   

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2022-03-18 18:55:00

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