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Radona Expert+: the professional radon measuring instrument

The Radona Expert+ sets new standards in the field of radon measurement. The device not only impresses with its appealing optics, but also with its inner values. Thanks to the ionization chamber technology used by Waltec, the Radona radon measuring instrument can achieve up to 20 times faster measuring times than other comparable measuring instruments. In addition, the Radona can also be used for time-resolved measurements, as the radon concentration is measured every 10 minutes. Storage interval can be switched between 10 min and 1 hour.

The current radon values can be read off via the large fully graphic display and immediate measures can be taken. Other measuring instruments such as the Corentium Home, on the other hand, only offer 24-hour average values. If you want to see the complete measurement data, radon value, air pressure, humidity and temperature, you can download it with a Windows (XP-10) application directly from the meter via a USB cable.

It couldn't be simpler, faster and safer at the moment!

The Radona Radon Meter was developed especially for professional users and interested private users. In addition to the radon meter itself, the scope of delivery includes a power supply unit and a USB-C cable (for reading the data with the PC and for charging).

The Radona Data Download Tool (For Windows 7-Windows 10) including USB driver.

More information can be found in the Radona Expert + handbook.

Radona Expert+:

If you want to carry out a particularly precise and fast radon measurement, you cannot avoid measuring instruments with ionization chamber technology. The Radona Expert+ radon measuring instrument has exactly this ionization chamber and therefore does not need to hide from very expensive professional instruments! The Radona Expert+ radon meter can therefore be warmly recommended to private and professional users!

Measuring instrument at a glance:

- Radona Expert+: for the measurement of indoor radon concentrations
- Read measurement results easily on the graphic display
- compatible with Windows operating systems (for data transfer to PC)
- integrated data memory (measuring interval 10 min = max. storage capacity 2 months, measuring interval 1 hour = max. storage capacity 1 year)
- high-quality full graphic display, with many display options
- incl. battery (device can be operated approx. 24 hours without mains adapter)
- incl. power supply and USB cable (device can be charged with it and operated in continuous operation)
- internal clock, the current date/time can be sent to the meter with the Windows program (time runs as long as the meter is switched on)
- every 10 minutes resp. every hour the current radon value, date, time, air pressure, humidity and temperature value is stored and can be read out at any time (does not lose any data by switching off)
- Especially for the professional area, the keys and the screen of the measuring instrument can be locked/unlocked from the PC (e.g. for measurements in public facilities).
- The measured values can be reset at any time on the instrument or from the PC (this empties the memory).


There are two different Radona Expert+ variations in total: Normal, classic Radona Expert+ meter without control output 

Scope of delivery: Radona Expert+, power supply, USB-C cable


product information

  • Sensor type: pulsed ionization chamber of FTLAB RD200M
  • Meaningful measured values: in less than 1 hour
  • Measuring and storage interval: 10-minute interval
  • Sensitivity: 0,5 cpm/pCi/l (1,35 cpm/100 Bq/m3)
  • Working range: 10-40 °C, air humidity < 90 %
  • Measuring range: 1 ~ 3700 Bq/m3 (0.1 ~ 99.99 pCI/l )
  • Measurement error: Max. ±10 % (corresponds to approx. ±15 Bq/m3)
  • Power supply: DC 5 Volt (± 0.1 Volt), 155 mA (USB-C cable)
  • Dimensions: diameter: 13 cm, height: 12 cm, weight: 840 g
  • Connectivity: USB (USB-C) 
  • Data storage: maximum 2 months (at 10-minute intervals of radon, date, time, air pressure, temperature and humidity) or maximum 1 year (at a measuring interval of 1 hour)
  • Display: LCD fully graphic (with many different views)
  • Battery lasts for approx. 24 hours (device can be charged/continuously operated with USB cable)
  • Uses no radio standards and emits very little electromagnetic radiation (aluminium housing and no active radio chips built in)
  • Made in Germany

product description

The Radona Expert+ radon detector is a professional radon detector from Germany. The special feature of the Radona Expert+ is the high measuring sensitivity, the graphic display, the buffer battery and the storage of all values every 10 minutes resp. every hour. The reason for the high sensitivity can be found in the ion chamber technology used in the Radona Expert+ measuring instrument. The radon meter is also very impressive in terms of speed: the first measured values can be read from the graphic display and the internal memory after only 10 minutes.

Other measuring instruments usually deliver the results only after a measuring period of 24 to 48 hours. In addition, the Radona Expert+ offers many different display options, which can be accessed via the push buttons.
Graphical evaluation of the measured values with the Radona Data Download Tool (for Win XP- Win10):


















1) Selection of the COM port, is automatically selected if the program is opened before inserting the Radona Expert+ measuring instrument.
2) Download of the data from the measuring instrument
3) Export data to a CSV file
4) Sending the current computer time to the measuring instrument
5) All measurement data on the meter are deleted and the current time is set.
6) The encoders can be numbered (this appears in the export file and when downloading the data in the encoder).
7) Contrast of the screen can be adjusted
8) This key is used to lock the screen and the keys of the meter (for measurements at the customer). Loading and measuring continue as usual.
9) Keys on the measuring instrument are deactivated.
10) This bar can be moved with the left mouse button to select the zoom area.
11) see 10)
12) Radon, humidity, temperature and air pressure can be faded in/out.
13) Log window

Explanation video about the individual functions:



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5 from 5 best radon meter on the market

The Radona Expert+ is the best radon measuring device I ever had.
Time resolved, super sensitive, real time clock, battery, graphic screen and a very nice and fast software for the PC. 1A++ and x times better than the Alpha E or the Correntium Plus/Pro and that for less than 1000€. Perfect!



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