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TESLA Terminal (central unit) "TCR4A"

TESLA Terminal (central unit) "TCR4A"

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  • Control your radon concentration measurements operations
  • Collect data from different probes
  • Delivery time: 16 - 17 Workdays (Other countries)
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  • Control your radon concentration measurements operations
  • Collect data from different probes

TCR 4A Terminal (Central Unit)

The portable central unit controls the operation of the radon concentration measuring and control network. It collects data from individual elements (probes), it eventually operates actuating units. The terminal supports simultaneous data downloads from up to 16 elements. All values are saved in the terminal memory. The terminal can be connected with a computer via USB. By the TERAview application on PC is possible to configure wireless net and download measuring data. Resulting values can be downloaded continuously during measurement or at once at the end of measurement.

Central Unit can be connected to TCREX – Extended Memory and IP Access Point for TCR 4A Terminal which is designed for radical extension of TCR terminal results memory capacity and for possibility to connect TCR wireless terminal into LAN network or into internet for remote control.

The central unit is provided with a two-line alphanumerical display and with a three-key keyboard for operating. Display shows the basic measuring values of a selected probe (short and long-term radon concentrations, temperature, humidity) and values of the central unit alone (temperature, pressure, humidity). Via the keypad is possible to select type of shown data.Both the central unit and the control program have separate operation manuals.

The central unit is connected with the control computer via USB interface. The USB port of the central unit is also used for charging the internal unit’s accumulator, either from the computer USB port or the USB power adapter. Another possibility of powering is 12VDC over connector in back. This possibility is design for static installation.

The terminal has internal actuating unit (memory alarm relay) by which it is possible to switch low power input load, for example small fan, if the set limit of radon concentration is exceeded.

Technical data

Temperaturmessbereich -20 to +60 °C
Measuring barometric pressure range 150 – 1150 hPa
Radio interface 868MHz
PC interface USB B
Max number of radio network elements 16
Probe to terminal unit distance (RF range) depends on the number of walls and building material, up to 600 m in open space
The possibility of using the repeater for the RF range extending yes
Measurement reading interval 240-65535 sec (4 min – 18.2 hours)
Results memory capacity in terminal unit 100 days (1 probe, 1 hour records)
Terminal unit power supply Rechargeable battery (USB charged) or 12 VDC
Radon concentration results display short-term (1 hour average)
long-term (24 hours average)
Maximum relay switching power 30W DC (1A/30V)



TCR4A terminal is communication compatible only with the following equipment:

  • TSR2- OS 3.08 NP (company’s FW/SW upgrade)
  • TSR3
  • TCR3 - OS 3.08 NP (company’s FW/SW upgrade)
  • TCR4 - OS 3.08 NP
  • TRR2 - OS 3.08 NP (company’s FW/SW upgrade)
  • TAR2 - OS 3.08 NP ( company’s FW/SW upgrade)

TCR4A terminal is not compatible with:

  • TSR2
  • TCR3
  • TCR4
  • TRR2
  • TAR2

Scope of Delivery

  • TCR4 terminal
  • USB adapter 230V including USB-B cable
  • Antenna
  • Operation Manual
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