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Tesla Terminal "TCREX" (incl. LAN-internet connection)

Tesla Terminal "TCREX" (incl. LAN-internet connection)

SKU: 16-011
GTIN: 4260514360793
Extended Memory and IP Access Point for TCR Terminal
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Extended Memory and IP Access Point for TCR Terminal

TCREX – Extended Memory and IP Access Point for TCR Terminal

TCREX is designed for radical extension of TCR terminal memory capacity and for possibility to connect TCR wireless terminal into LAN network or into internet for remote control.

TCREX is connected to the TCR terminal via USB cable. TCREX needs permanent powering via power adapter 230VAC/5VDC. Over USB cable the TCR terminal is permanent charged from TCREX then as well. Backup (download) terminal memory data via USB is running periodically every 12 hours. TCREX memory capacity is higher than 2 years of hourly records from 16 probes in terminal wireless network.

TCREX data viewing and downloading is possible to realize by connected PC with installed some internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). PC is connected with TCREX by UTP cable. TCREX includes internal web server which sends web pages with results over UTP cable to your internet browser. Web pages are in English or Czech. So there is not necessary to install any special application for control of TCREX and there is possible to use various operation system (OS) of PC. Saved data in PC is possible to export to files with extension .TAB for further processing in any text editor and in any spreadsheets. For easy graphical display and advance analyze of .TAB files can also use the program Radonview see „Accessories“.

Via TCREX is not possible to configure and diagnose wireless network of TCR terminal. Via TCREX is only possible to view and download long-term measured data from wireless network of TCR terminal. Configuration and diagnostics of wireless network of TCR terminal is necessary to do by special PC application for TCR terminal.

Technical data

Memory capacity > 2 years for terminal with 16 radon probes and hourly records
Backup of terminal Every 12h
IP Interface Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (RJ45)
USB interface USB 2.0
Powering Power adapter 230VAC/5VDC or PoE splitter
Access protocol HTTPS, WEB, IPv.4
Recommended internet browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Languages English, Czech
Environment For indoor use only
Dimension 95 x 65 x 35 mm

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