The AlphaSniffer - made in Germany: A real detective in radon measurement!

If elevated radon levels are detected in your residential or commercial building over a longer period of time, the question arises: Where does the radon gas enter and what are the next steps?  

In the BR (Bavarian TV) Video from March 13th 2022 "Radon occurrence in Bavaria - underestimated danger" our AlphaSniffer was in use to locate the radon entry points in the basement of our Munich customer. Radon entry paths can be located within a few seconds thanks to our high-quality measuring instruments such as the AlphaSniffer.  

Radon Expert Martin Waltl with the AlphaSniffer Radon Measuring Instrument

Radon Expert Martin Waltl with the AlphaSniffer Radon Measuring Instrument

Who performs a radon measurement?  

Anyone can perform a radon measurement themselves with a reliable and accurate measuring device. With today's state of the art technology, the measurement method no longer has any influence on the quality of the measured values.  With our AlphaSniffer you choose the fastest way to find the radon entry points in your building. In a practical storage case, it is the companion for every building inspection.  

AlphaSniffer Radon Measuring Instrument

The advantages of the AlphaSniffer - made in Germany, at a glance! 

  • Fast localization: Radon entry paths can be detected after approx. 15 - 30 seconds.  
  • Precise readings: Accurate quantification of radon occurrence within 5 minutes. Follow-up Radon measurements are taken into account.  
  • Optimized housing: The housing is simply designed, lightweight and compact. Start button, OLED display and rechargeable via micro USB.  
  • Wireless connection with your smartphone: Can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). 

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AlphaSniffer Radon Measuring Instrument

Radon Expert Martin Waltl

Are you interested in the topic of radon and still have questions?   

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2022-03-27 17:09:00

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