Will the Grundremmingen nuclear power plant be put back into operation?

Due to the current war in Ukraine, Germany comes to the conclusion: "We have to become more independent from Russia's gas!" The reorientation of the energy supply is currently a major point of discussion in the Federal Republic. One consideration is not to shut down the nuclear power plants still in operation by the end of the year after all.  

Could the nuclear power plant in Grundremmingen also be put back into operation?  

On Dec. 31, 2021, the last unit C still in operation was deactivated. Unit B was already decommissioned in 2017 and a dismantling process was initiated.   

A recommissioning would not be possible just like that, there would be too high technical and licensing hurdles for that! However, according to Federal Minister of Economics and Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck (Grüne), there should be no prohibitions on thinking about the reorientation of the energy supply in Germany.    

So it remains exciting how it will ultimately be decided...  

The photos were taken four days before the Grundremmingen power plant was shut down - personally photographed by RADONTEC CEO Martin Waltl.  

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2022-03-12 17:13:00

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