Active radon measuring devices

Active radon measuring devices are suitable for everyone who wants to get an overview of the whole apartment or all floors of a house within a few days by means of (mostly) time-resolved measured values.

Advantages of the active radon measuring device

The advantages of the active radon measuring device

⦁ Current measured value and various average values can be read on the display
⦁ Suitable for short and long term measurement
⦁ Successive measurement of different rooms of an apartment with one device
⦁ Data export with USB cable, app or WiFi for external storage of the measured values
⦁ Further processing, such as graphical representation in Excel, possible
⦁ Suitable for long-term radon monitoring
⦁ CE labeling

Measurement results of active radon measuring devices

Time-resolved measurement results of active radon measuring instruments

Direct influences and their effects on the radon activity concentration in a room are mapped by active radon measuring devices. Opposite is the exemplary graph of an office room. During working hours, the room is regularly ventilated, which results in an immediately noticeable drop in radon levels. Overnight, the radon activity concentration rises again. This rhythm is repeated from Monday to Friday. If, on the other hand, there is no ventilation at all over the weekend days, the radon levels rise very sharply.

What should be considered when measuring with an active radon meter?

⦁ For a reliable measurement result, the active radon meter must measure for at least 24 hours in the same place. We recommend measuring each relevant room for a period of 5 to 7 days. Then it can be moved to the next room.
⦁ Do not cover the active radon meter during measurement.

Active radon measuring devices in comparison

Airthings | Corentium Home

Airthings |
Corentium Home
RadonTec | RadonEye

RadonTec |
RadonTec | RadonEye Plus²

RadonTec |
RadonEye Plus²
Air humidity
Measurement technologyPhoto DiodeIonization chamberIonization chamber
Measuring range0 - 9.999 Bq/m³0,1 - 3.700 Bq/m³0,1 - 9.450 Bq/m³
Smallest measuring interval1 day10 min10 min
Accuracy < 20% <10% 10%
Single device calibrationnoyes, with certificateyes, with certificate
Display size2,5"1"1"
Date & Timenonoyes
OperationBatteryMains voltage
Power bank with step-up cable
Mains voltage
Power bank with step-up cable

Conclusion of the active radon measuring devices

Our price-performance winner

Airthings | Corentium Home

Corentium Home von Airthings

is a very easy to use active radon meter with a large measuring range, which shows the daily average value as well as the long-term average value in the display. A download and external storage of the data is not possible, which makes a manual documentation necessary.

Elderly people measure radon with the Corentium Home from Airthings

Users without a smartphone who value ease of use of the Radon meter.

RadonTec | RadonEye

RadonEye von RadonTec

is currently the most sensitive and thus most accurate Radon meter for private users on the market. Real-time values and daily/weekly/monthly averages can be read on the display. Measurement data can be exported via the app and saved in Excel.

Families measure radon with the RadonEye from RadonTec

Users who want to perform a detailed and accurate radon measurement.

RadonTec | RadonEye Plus²

uses the same measurement technology as the RadonEye and thus also has its properties. In addition, humidity and temperature can be measured. The measured values are assigned a time sn mit dem RadonEytamp with date and time.

Technology-savvy people measure Radoe Plus² from RadonTec

Tech-savvy Android and IOs users who want a comprehensive overview of radon, temperature and humidity in their own home and detailed data analysis.

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