Passive Radon Exposimeters

Passive radon meters are suitable for anyone looking for a simple and reliable method to measure radon in their own home. Setting up, performing and sending in the passive radon exposimeters are done quickly.

Advantages of the passive radon exposimeter

The advantages of the passive radon exposimeter

⦁ low acquisition cost
. ⦁ small and handy: 7 x 7 x 2 cm
⦁ robust housing
⦁ low potential for handling errors
⦁ can be used without accessories
⦁ does not require power supply
⦁ incl. measurement protocol and evaluation in accredited test laboratory with evaluation report
⦁ a cumulative mean value for the entire measurement period

Measurement results of passive radon exposimeters

A cumulative value denotes the average radon activity concentration over the entire measurement period. Peak and minimum values cannot be derived from it. Neither can the effects of room use or ventilation behavior.

Cumulative mean value of passive radon exposimeters

What should be considered when measuring with a passive radon meter?

⦁ Use only originally packed and undamaged measuring instruments.
⦁ Do not store the passive radon meter unnecessarily, but start radon measurement upon receipt.
⦁ Passive radon exposimeters are single-use meters, for radon measurement in one room.
⦁ Use a separate passive radon meter for each room to be measured.
⦁ Do not move, relocate, or cover the meter during measurement.
⦁ Passive radon measurements take at least 10 days.
⦁ Send the passive radon exposimeter directly to the approved testing laboratory Altrac after the measurement is completed.
⦁ If possible, use the original packaging of the passive Radon meter for the return shipment. Seal the envelope with a strip of adhesive tape.
⦁ The evaluation report will be sent by mail or by email if specified when ordering.

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