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Gigahertz-Solutions plastic case K5 for EMF meters

Plastic case 33 x 27 x 8 cm for HF32D, HF35C, HFW35C and all LF-devices. To our HF-devices, an additional LF-device fits in the case!

25,05 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
Available now!

Gigahertz-Solutions Plastic case K2 for EMF meters

Plastic case 33 x 27 x 16 cm for all HF- and LF-devices. 2 devices fits in the case!

42,11 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
Short supply

measure electrosmog:

with electromagnetic instruments of radonshop.com

In our shop you will get a wide range of different electromagnetic measuring instruments that are suitable for a quick and professional assessment of the radiation situation. Our range includes simple devices just as professional electromagnetic measuring instruments, as they are often used by doctors, naturopaths and building biologists.

Private clients or newcomers to the world of electromagnetic measurement often resort here to the products of Tenmars which are particularly easy to use, yet provide accurate measurements. Who wants to read the measurement results in numerical values ??directly from a display which is against the best advice with an electrosmog meter branded Gigahertz Solutions.  

Electromagnetic radiation source to locate: a electrosmog meter Gigahertz Solutions If you want to locate a source of radiation, which is well advised with an electrosmog meter Gigahertz Solutions. The sensitive antenna and the integrated Ticker function allows location of radiation source, so that then the appropriate remediation action can be taken.

The manufacturer offers a range of devices that are suitable for different frequency ranges. For example, be used for measuring low-frequency fields that electrosmog meter ME3840B. For the analysis of radiofrequency fields on the other hand is, for example, the meter HF35C. More information about the individual electromagnetic measuring instruments, please contact the respective products or in our FAQs.

For further questions we are happy to advise you, so you are sure to find the right device.

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