Shielding Paint

For shielding of walls, ceilings and floors we recommend our shielding paints.YSHIELD shielding paints are electro-conductive coatings for the protection against high-frequency (HF) radiation and (or) against low-frequency (LF) electric fields.Typical areas of application are living areas (e. g. bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms), or the protection of whole buildings.

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Fiber additive AF3 | 0.09 liter

Crack-bridging additive for mixing with our shielding paints. 

16.81 £ *
Not available now!

HF+LF Shielding paint HSF54 EMF (indoor and outdoor) protection conductive paint 37 dB

The All-in-One paint, if you cannot decide. Frost-resistant classic paint for worldwide shipping. Low-emission

HF+LF | 37 dB | Pure acrylic | Our longtime classic was improved again in 2014. Frost resistant for worldwide shipping.

starting from 51.44 £ *
Not available now!

LF | Conductive dispersion glue DKL90 | 5 liter

Electrically conductive dispersion glue for binding our sheet materials to walls, ceilings, floors, doors, etc..

59.03 £ *
Not available now!

HF+LF Shielding Paint CFA40 our recommendation for electrosmog EMF protection

BESTSELLER: Attenuation: Up to 38 dB (99.98%) at 1 GHz for single layer coating, through to 18 GHzUp to 44 dB (99.996%) at 1 GHz for double layer coating through to 18 GHz

starting from 49.83 £ *
Not available now!

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