Less radiation by electromagnetic shielding

The number of radiation sources is steadily increasing, thus increasing electromagnetic pollution impact on man and nature result. The constant constant output from low-frequency and high-frequency fields puts the body in a state of stress, causing long-term negative effects on the human body are to be expected. To counteract this, measures for electromagnetic shielding can be taken. In you get many different items that can be used effectively at an elevated electric smog. Our range includes Shielding exactly as shielding and wallpapers. Also fleeces and fabrics and window films and low-radiation mobile phone accessories are available from us. The products from our range are easy to use and reduce the radiation exposure in your environment to a minimum.  

Electromagnetic shielding: great selection, fair prices

Whether cell phone radiation, wireless radiation or electric and magnetic fields: In you can find a variety of products that provide you and your family protection against electromagnetic pollution. Particularly easy to use for example our shielding, which offer a high level of protection against low and high frequency fields. Shielding is also often used by public bodies in order to protect premises against excessive electromagnetic radiation. These include, for example, hospitals, schools and kindergartens. In government agencies, industry and politics Shielding and Shielding are also commonly used to make conference rooms eavesdropping. And young people will find it here: Through low-radiation mobile phone accessories, such as a low-radiation headset, can already take the first measures for electromagnetic shielding among us the latest.  

Shielding Paint, shielding foil, shielding protucts : from 100 Euro plus shipping!

After you have increased after the measurement of the electric smog electromagnetic pollution values ??found with him, measures for electromagnetic shielding may be necessary. No matter which products you choose, from a purchase value of 100 Euro we ship your order free shipping within the EU! From a purchase value of 500 Euro we ship the goods even worldwide without calculating shipping costs.

Shielding Paint
For shielding of walls, ceilings and floors we recommend our...
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Fiber additive AF3 | 0.09 liter

Crack-bridging additive for mixing with our shielding paints. 

19,90 € *
Not available now!

HF+LF Shielding paint HSF54 EMF (indoor and outdoor) protection conductive paint 37 dB

The All-in-One paint, if you cannot decide. Frost-resistant classic paint for worldwide shipping. Low-emission

HF+LF | 37 dB | Pure acrylic | Our longtime classic was improved again in 2014. Frost resistant for worldwide shipping.

starting from 60,91 € *
Not available now!

LF | Conductive dispersion glue DKL90 | 5 liter

Electrically conductive dispersion glue for binding our sheet materials to walls, ceilings, floors, doors, etc..

69,90 € *
Not available now!

SmartSafe EchoTubez - Radiation Free Bluetooth Air Tube

SmartSafe - Radiation Free Bluetooth Air Tube 

79,00 € *
Not available now!

SmartSafe EchoTubez - Radiation Free Bluetooth Air Tube

SmartSafe - Radiation Free Air Tube 

45,00 € *
Available now!

SmartSafe EchoTubez - OneEar Radiation Free Bluetooth Air Tube

EchoTubez - OneEar Radiation Free Bluetooth Air Tube 

41,00 € *
Available now!

SmartSafe EchoTubez - Airobic Headset Radiation Free Air Tube

EchoTubez - Airobic Headset Radiation Free Air Tube

Sport Edition

55,00 € *
Available now!

Kopie von SmartSafe Pro Tubez - Stereo Headset Elektrosmog frei

SmartSafe - Radiation Free Air Tube 

45,00 € *
Available now!

HF+LF Shielding Paint CFA40 our recommendation for electrosmog EMF protection

BESTSELLER: Attenuation: Up to 38 dB (99.98%) at 1 GHz for single layer coating, through to 18 GHzUp to 44 dB (99.996%) at 1 GHz for double layer coating through to 18 GHz

starting from 59,00 € *
Not available now!

SmartSafe Microsafe - Anti-Radiation Microwave cover - EMF proofed

Microsafe - Anti-Radiation Microwave cover

25,00 € *
Available now!

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