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FTLAB RadonEye - Leasing

FTLAB RadonEye - Leasing

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Category: Leasing
  • Rental device with variable rental period
  • Measurement of radon, temperature, humidity, pressure indoors
  • Measuring range: 0 - 9,600 Bq/m³ 
  • WLAN Cloud Service and Bluetooth App
  • Optional: telephone consultation with a radon expert
  • Delivery time: 2 - 3 Workdays (Other countries)
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incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
  • Rental device with variable rental period
  • Measurement of radon, temperature, humidity, pressure indoors
  • Measuring range: 0 - 9,600 Bq/m³ 
  • WLAN Cloud Service and Bluetooth App
  • Optional: telephone consultation with a radon expert
Term of lease 

Shipping only within Germany and Austria

The shipping of rental equipment is limited to Germany and Austria.
Rental to other EU countries may be feasible after consultation.
Send us a short request by e-mail to support[at]

For general information on the rental process, please see Leasing.


The RadonEye Plus² radon meter from FTLab

The RadonEye Plus² includes all the basic functions of the RadonEye, but also has a WLAN function with which you can transfer your radon measurement values directly to the network. The manufacturer also offers you a web database at where you can store your data (cloud service). This way you can retrieve your data from any location, whether with a PC, notebook or smartphone.

The RadonEye Plus² records the data every 10 minutes and stores your radon readings in the cloud. When it comes to measuring speed and accuracy, almost no other radon meter can compete! Thanks to the ionisation pulse chamber, even expensive radon measuring devices such as those used in research institutes and universities can rarely offer faster and more accurate measurement results than the RadonEye Plus².

A Bluetooth function allows you to transfer the measurement results to your smartphone/tablet. The app is available free of charge for Android and iOS. In the app, measurement interval and measurement unit can be set, measurement series can be displayed graphically and exported.

Technical data

  • Extended measuring range up to 9,500 Bq/m³
  • Extended sensors for measuring humidity and temperature
  • Data transfer to smartphone or tablet possible
  • Ionisation chamber (like the professional units)
  • Measurement in 10-minute intervals
  • Compatible with Android and iOS operating systems
  • Data memory lasts for 1 year (at one measurement per hour)
  • High-quality OLED colour display
  • Incl. app for smartphones and tablets
  • Special: WLAN option and cloud service included

Free RadonEye Plus² app for Android and iOS

The RadonEye Plus² radon meter is designed for use with a smartphone or tablet.

System requirements:

  • Android 4.4 or higher
  • iOS 8.0 or higher
  • Bluetooth 4.0 or higher

The app for the meter can be downloaded free of charge from the Play Store or App Store. After installing the app, a Bluetooth connection to the RadonEye must be established - and you can read, save, download and send your values in detail.

Selectable accessories

You can add a power bank and a step-up USB cable to the RadonEye. This allows you to use the measuring device in any room without a power supply connection.

Scope of delivery

  • RadonEye Plus²
  • Power supply unit
  • Manual
  • Powerbank and step-up USB cable (optional)


Is the Airthings Corentium Home the right rental unit for me?

In addition to the Corentium Home, we offer other rental devices, which differ mainly in the scope of performance of the devices. Compare active radon meters and find the ideal meter for you.

Measurement recommendation

Measure relevant rooms (i.e. daily occupancy > 2 h) over a period of three to five days in order to record different weather conditions and their effects on radon entry into the Building.
The highest radon concentrations are usually found at the lowest floor level of a building. However, due to chimney effects, radon also rises to floors above. Therefore, we recommend that you always measure at least one room on the ground floor or first floor in order to obtain a comparative value.
Radon entry paths usually vary from room to room. It is advisable to measure all rooms on the lowest floor where you regularly stay for a longer period of time.
You can find further tips on measuring radon, measuring duration, installation locations and classification of results in our Radon Helpdesk.

Telephone consultation with a Radon expert (optional)

Book our telephone consultation for your rental unit. Our engineers are trained radon experts of the LfU Augsburg (State Office for the Environment in Augsburg). We will support you in interpreting the measurement results, advise you on any necessary (remediation) measures to reduce the radon concentration and answer any questions you may have about your radon measurement. Arrange a meeting after the end of your radon measurement.

Measuring instruments rental contract

FTLab | RadonEye Plus² Manual DE

FTLab | RadonEye Plus² Manual EN

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