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RadonEye RD200 Radon Gas Detector | BESTSELLER 2023

RadonEye RD200 Radon Gas Detector | BESTSELLER 2023

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RADON-EYE - The fastest and most reliable radon meter on the market


RadonTec RadonEye schnell zuverlässig Radon messen einfache Bedienung bequeme Auswertung Speicherung

Now measure radon quickly and easily with the RadonEye from RadonTec. Thanks to the ionization chamber (which is actually only available in professional devices), the measuring device is the fastest and most accurate radon measuring device for private users on the market.

The display shows the current radon value (in 10-minute intervals) and via the mobile app (available for Android and iPhone), you can view the exact radon value of the complete measurement (resolved in time).

It is also possible to define a radon alarm value, if this is exceeded, the measuring device warns with a visual and acoustic alarm.

Radon measurement could not be faster, safer and easier

In the RadonTec edition we extend the normal scope with a USB cable, with which the RadonEye can be operated mobile on a powerbank (not included in the offer). In addition, you get a detailed German manual, as well as measurement tips on how to measure Radon correctly. Each measuring device has been individually checked and calibrated.


RadonTec RadonEye Radon unsichtbares Edelgas krebserregend Messung Lungenkrebs vorbeugen

RadonTec RadonEye Krebs Lungenkrebs durch Radon Luftverschmutzung Rauchen Gesundheitsrisiko Radongas

RadonTec RadonEye Radon im Haus Gefahr zu Hause Radonmessung schnelle Messung


Why is radon so dangerous?

Radon is a very carcinogenic, radioactive noble gas that cannot be seen, smelled or tasted. If you breathe radon and its radioactive by-products at elevated levels over a longer period of time, the risk of developing lung cancer increases considerably.


Increases the risk of lung cancer

After smoking, radon is among the most important causes of lung cancer. According to current findings, about five percent of lung cancer deaths in Germany (over 1,900 per year) are due to radon and its decay products in buildings.


Take precautionary measures!

Only by taking measurements can you reliably determine what radon concentrations actually occur in the occupied rooms of a building. Often, small measures are then sufficient to significantly reduce indoor radon levels and thus the risk of lung cancer.

RadonTec RadonEye Kinder schützen Radon messen sicheres zuhause Gesundheitsgefahr Radon











RadonTec RadonEye schnelle zuverlässige Radon Messung OLED Display

RadonTec RadonEye einfache Bedienung Radon Messgerät Datenauswertung leicht Anleitung verständlich

RadonTec RadonEye Ionisationspulskammer Ionen-Kammer neuste Radon Technologie Profitechnologie

RadonTec RadonEye App Android iOS Bluetooth Verbindung Smartphone Verbindung Apple

Fast measurement

The first reliable measured values can be read from the OLED display after just 1 hour and then every 10 minutes thereafter. Other measuring devices usually provide first results only after a measuring period of 24 to 48 hours.

Child's play radon measurement

Thanks to easy-to-understand operating instructions and a smartphone app, you can easily determine dangerous radon levels in your home. Hourly measured values are stored for up to one year for monitoring in graphical display (cell phone) or as a data series (download file).

Very high measurement accuracy

The RadonEye clearly stands out with a 20 times higher measurement sensitivity than comparable devices within this price range. The high-quality device is a smart as well as highly sensitive radon detector with professional ion chamber technology and thus sets new standards in radon measurement technology.

Mobile app included

Apps for Android and IOS are available for smartphones and tablets. After you have installed the app, the connection between RadonEye and smartphone is established in seconds via Bluetooth. This way, you have your measurement data in view at all times and can save and further process the recorded values on the respective end device.




Scope of delivery


  • 1x RadonEye measuring device
  • 1x power supply unit
  • 1x Step-up USB cable (for mobile operation on a powerbank)
  • 1x English user manual
  • 1x Detailed German operating instructions
  • 1x measuring tips
  • 1x certificate
  • 1x HandyApp (available for iOS and Android)

Product information


  • Sensor type: pulsed ionization chamber
  • Meaningful measured values: in less than 1 hour
  • Measuring interval: 10-minute cycle
  • Sensitivity: 1.35 cpm/100 Bq/m³
  • Working range: 10-40°C, humidity < 90
  • Measuring range: 1 ~ 3,700 Bq/m³
  • Measurement deviation: < ±10 % (corresponds to approx. ±15 Bq/m³)
  • Power supply: DC 12 Volt, 65 mA (12 Volt DC adapter)
  • Dimensions: diameter: 8 cm, height: 12 cm, weight: 240 g
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth LE (Android/ iOS)
  • Data storage: maximum 1 year (at 1 hour interval).
  • Data export: downloadable from the app
  • Display: 0.96 inch OLED


  RadonTec RadonEye Radon Messgerät für zuHause Privatanwender einfach Radon messen RadonTec RadonEye Plus2 Plus² Profi Radon Messgerät für zuHause
  RadonEye RD200 RadonEye RD200P2
Sensors Radon Radon, Humidity, Temperature
Measuring range 0,1 - 3.700 Bq/m³ 0,1 - 9.435 Bq/m³
Measuring interval 1 min, 1 h, 6 h 1 min, 1 h, 6 h
Measurement accuracy < ± 10 % < ± 10 %