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Geiger counter Gamma-Scout Alarm: The radiation measuring instrument with alarm function and ticker

Make radiation audible - this is possible with the Geiger counter Gamma-Scout Alarm. With the integrated ticker function, you can convert every detected pulse into a sound. By defining limit values and dose, you can also use the built-in alarm function of the device and thus easily orientate your measurements on these warning signals. Furthermore, the Geiger counter scores points for all the advantages that the basic model Gamma-Scout Standard also offers.


Many advantages of the Gamma-Scout Alarm at a glance

  • Dosimeter function: The Gamma-Scout can also be used as a personal Dosimeter
  • Large data memory: Enough memory for up to 32,000 measured values
  • Flexible display of the units: Units can be displayed in REM or Sievert
  • USB connection: The Gamma-Scout Alarm can be connected to a PC via USB cable
  • Integrated alarm and ticker function: The device emits acoustic signals when a defined limit value is reached


Why are Gamma-Scout Geiger counters so popular?

Gamma-Scout's radiation meters are characterised by a very high measuring accuracy and good workmanship. Such a high quality can hardly be found with any other supplier. Many experts are particularly taken with the high quality counter tube: this comes from the USA (LND Incorporated) and among experts is one of the best on the market. The plastic casing of the Geiger counter is also worth mentioning: The Gamma-Scout Standard is virtually unbreakable and meets all standards that apply to portable handheld devices in terms of shock resistance. So you need not worry when working with the Gamma-Scout Standard: The housing of this Geiger counter is extremely robust and can withstand even the greatest temperature fluctuations.


Which Gamma-Scout model is right for me?

In our offer you will find several types of Geiger counters, which means that some customers do not always find it easy to choose the right model. In order to make your purchase decision easier, you will find below some information about each Geiger counter model.

Common functions of all models

All Gamma-Scout models have the same high-quality counter tube and can measure alpha, beta and gamma radiation. This means that you can also detect radon concentrations with all Gamma-Scout Geiger counters. The individual models also have in common that they were developed and manufactured in Germany. Gamma-Scout therefore stands for quality and longevity as well as a high measuring accuracy.

Gamma-Scout: Standard model

The basic model has the same high-quality counter tube as all other Geiger counters from Gamma-Scout. For operation, however, the basic model is equipped with a soldered-in battery which has a service life of up to 12 years. The data memory for up to 32,000 data records is also equally available in all models. The Gamma-Scout Standard also features a built-in USB port, which allows you to connect the device to a PC. However, the basic version does not have a ticker function (Geiger counter effect). If you want a ticker function, you can use one of the other Gamma-Scout models.

Gamma-Scout: Model Alarm

The radiation measuring device Gamma-Scout Alarm has all the functions of the basic model and also has a ticker function. The ticker function provides the typical "clicking noise" that many people automatically associate with a Geiger counter. The ticker enables you to locate a radiation source directly. A further function of the Geiger counter Gamma-Scout Alarm is the warning function, which generates an alarm signal when the preset maximum dose is reached.

Gamma-Scout: Model Rechargeable

The Gamma-Scout Rechargeable Geiger counter has a rechargeable battery in addition to the basic and alarm functions. So you can recharge this Geiger counter as often as you like. This is why the Gamma-Scout Rechargeable is often used in radiation laboratories or in disaster areas, i.e. in places where increased battery performance is of particular importance.

Gamma-Scout: Online model

Many customers who work in training facilities or at universities want to make the measurement results available to a larger audience. This is easily possible with Gamma-Scout Online. Thanks to the live transmission function, the results are transmitted directly to a PC and can be beamed onto a screen using a beamer. All other functions correspond to those of the Gamma-Scout Alarm Geiger Counter.


Who is the Gamma-Scout Alarm particularly suitable for?

The Geiger counter Gamma-Scout Alarm is already being used by countless customers all over the world to measure radioactivity. The measuring device has thus already proven itself thousands of times in practice. Among the customer groups that buy this Geiger counter are governmental institutions (THW, police, fire brigade) as well as employees from science and research. But also interested laymen and persons living in a radiation risk area often and gladly use a Geiger counter from Gamma-Scout. In addition, this measuring device is often used in schools to familiarise school children with the laws of radioactive radiation.


Scope of delivery

  • Geiger counter Gamma-Scout Alarm
  • USB cable
  • Comprehensive operating instructions
  • Software (CD-ROM)

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