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GAMMA-SCOUT Alert - Geiger Counter Leasing

GAMMA-SCOUT Alert - Geiger Counter Leasing

GTIN: 4016138663693
Category: Leasing
  • Rental unit: rental period can be flexibly selected
  • Measures alpha, beta and gamma radiation
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Dosimeter function
  • alarm and ticker
  • USB connection, software download
  • Delivery time: 2 - 3 Workdays (DE - int. shipments may differ)
from 140,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , Free shipping (ohne Schweiz)
  • Rental unit: rental period can be flexibly selected
  • Measures alpha, beta and gamma radiation
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Dosimeter function
  • alarm and ticker
  • USB connection, software download
Term of lease 

General information on the rental process can be found here.

Rental equipment can only be shipped within Germany and Austria.

Rental to other EU countries may also be feasible after consultation. Send us a short request by e-mail to support[at]


Rent a Geiger counter GAMMA-SCOUT Alarm!

GAMMA-SCOUT Geiger counters are known for their good workmanship, the impact-resistant plastic shell and their very precise measuring results due to the high-quality counting tube from LND. All GAMMA-SCOUT instruments can measure alpha, beta and gamma radiation and thus cover the entire spectrum of radioactive radiation. Since the counting tube is more sensitive than average, GAMMA-SCOUT radiation meters are suitable for measuring radioactivity:

  • in homes and offices
  • in floors, walls and other building materials
  • in clothing, vehicles or articles of daily use
  • in parcels and postal consignments during customs inspections
  • in logistics for all incoming goods


Highlights of the GAMMA-SCOUT Alert

  • Dose rate exceedance alert. If the radiation exceeds a limit set by the user, a warning signal sounds.
  • Exceeded dose alarm / dosimeter function: The GAMMA-SCOUT Alert gives an acoustic warning when a user-specified radiation dose is exceeded. Therefore, this radiation meter can also be used as a personal dosimeter.
  • Integrated ticker: The ticker of the GAMMA-SCOUT Alert converts each detected radiation pulse into a signal (Geiger counter effect). This audio signal facilitates the location of radiation Sources.










Further functions of the Geiger counter/dosimeter GAMMA-SCOUT

  • Simple measurement of radioactive radiation: In measuring mode, the current radiation value is shown on the LCD display every two seconds. The mean value (H) of the previous day is also briefly displayed.
  • Wide measuring range: The Geiger counter GAMMA-SCOUT measures reliably over a wide measuring range (0.01-5,000 µSv/h).
  • Tested calibration: Each GAMMA-SCOUT radiation meter is subjected to an intensive functional test before delivery and is individually calibrated. A certificate is enclosed.
  • Display of measured values: The measured values can be displayed in sievert or SEM.
  • Battery-saving continuous operation: The GAMMA-SCOUT collects measured values around the clock and stores them for later evaluation. The battery lasts up to 10 years thanks to the certified energy-saving concept.
  • Large data memory: The GAMMA-SCOUT radiation measuring device stores the registered pulses in its memory and keeps these measured values ready for you to read out later. Thanks to the large data memory, up to 32,000 measured values can be stored.
  • Data evaluation via Microsoft Windows or MAC OS X: The software for data evaluation is available as a free download.


Software download for evaluating the measurement data


GAMMA-SCOUT TOOLBOX 5 for Windows 8, 8.1 und 10

GAMMA-SCOUT Reader for Mac OS X

Note for already purchased units

Please check your FW status first (press the battery symbol on the keyboard of the unit and the Enter key/left arrow in succession) before updating the software, as the new software is not compatible with old units (< FW 5.36). For copy protection reasons, the processor is fused after assembly so that it is not possible to update the FW subsequently.


Technical Data


Liquid-crystal display (LCD), 4-digit, numeric with dimension,
quasi-analogue logarithmic bar chart.
Operating mode indicators

Ray detector

End-window alpha-beta-gamma detector counting tube according to
the Geiger-Müller principle
Stainless steel housing
Measuring length 38.1 mm, measuring diameter 9.1 mm
Mica window 1.5 to 2 mg/cm2

Zero rate <10 pulses per minute with sreening by 3mm AI and
50mm Pb Operating temperature -20 bis +60°C, operating voltage
approx. 450 V Calibrated scale 0.01 µSv/h up to 5000.00 µSv/h

Ray types


from 4 MeV;



from 0.2 MeV



from 30 keV

Ray selection

a + ß + y

without shielding


ß + y

AI foil approx. 0.1 mm, shields off a completely



Al shielding approx. 3 mm, Shielding off a completely
and ß to 2 MeV, weakens y less than 7% based on Cs-137

Power consumption

Less than 10 microamperes under environmental radiation


64 Kbyte (32,000 data sets)


impact-resistant plastic


Length 162 mm x width 70 mm x height 30 mm

Interference protections

European CE standard, US-standard FCC-15

Verwendung: Normal
Stromversorgung: Batterie

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