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Geiger counter GAMMA-SCOUT Online: The radiation meter live transmission function

Radiation measuring instruments from Gamma Scout enjoy the best reputation worldwide and have been used successfully by researchers and hobbyists for many years. The Gamma Scout Online model in particular has made a name for itself. The device is often used at universities and research institutions, as the live transmission function makes it easy to present the data to an audience. The Geiger counter Gamma-Scout Online is one of the few handheld instruments on the German market that can measure alpha radiation in addition to beta, gamma and X-ray radiation. A high-quality counting tube, a long battery life and up-to-date evaluation software make this radiation meter so attractive for our customers!


Features and functions of the GAMMA-SCOUT Online

In addition to the functions of the Standard and Alert models, the GAMMA-SCOUT Online also has a live transmission function. Measurement results can be transferred in real time to a laptop or tablet. The supplementary graphics programme for data evaluation can be used for presentations and demonstrations, among other things.

The matching accessories for the GAMMA-SCOUT can be found here.

Radon measurement with the GAMMA-SCOUT Online

The Geiger counter GAMMA-SCOUT is the only hand-held measuring instrument on the German market that can measure alpha radiation in addition to beta and gamma radiation. Radon belongs to the alpha emitters, which is why all GAMMA-SCOUT models can reliably determine radon gas concentrations.


Advantages of the GAMMA-SCOUT Online at a glance

  • Live transmission function: real-time data transmission from GAMMA-SCOUT Online to a laptop computer
  • Graphics programme: For data display of the live data


In addition, the GAMMA-SCOUT Online has all the functions of the Alert:

  • Integrated alarm: Acoustic signals when the defined radiation value or dose is exceeded.
  • Ticker: each detected radiation pulse is converted into a click sound


In addition, the GAMMA-SCOUT Online has all the features of the Standard:

  • High-quality counting tube: Measurement of alpha, beta and gamma radiation with a high degree of measurement accuracy.
  • Radon measurement: Exact measurement of radon concentration possible
  • Short measuring intervals: 2-second cycle
  • Dosimeter function: the GAMMA-SCOUT can also be used as a personal dosimeter
  • Large data memory: Enough memory for up to 32,000 measured values
  • Wide measuring range: 0.01- 5,000 microsieverts per hour
  • Flexible display of units: Units can be displayed in SEM or sievert
  • USB connection: The GAMMA-SCOUT can be connected to a PC via USB cable.
  • Evaluation software: free download is available for Windows and MAC operating systems
  • Official certification: complies with the CE standard (EU) and the American FCC standard
  • Patented energy-saving concept: the lithium thionyl chloride cell has a runtime of up to 12 years
  • Made in Germany: development and production are subject to high quality standards
  • Certified individual calibration: The final test is monitored by the Institute for Radiation Protection of a state university of applied sciences. The test specimens must lie within the confidence interval of 5 % against a master, which in turn has been matched against a tested Cs 137 radiator and the ODL.

For whom is the GAMMA-SCOUT Online suitable?

The Geiger counter GAMMA-SCOUT Online has already proven its worth for measuring radioactivity with customers all over the world. The live transmission of the measured values is particularly appreciated by:

  • Staff from science and research
  • Lecturers at universities for training in front of an audience
  • Authorities, such as customs and police
  • Industry, such as construction and remediation companies


The four GAMMA-SCOUT models in comparison

The four GAMMA-SCOUT models differ from each other in essential functions. Compare the devices and find the right one for your requirements.

Measurement of α- also β- and γ-radiation                            yesyesyesyes
Certified single calibration                             yesyesyesyes
Data storage                        yesyesyesyes
Data evaluation via Windows and MAC yesyesyesyes
Patented current saving Conceptyesyesyesyes
Alarm threshold for dose rate & dose-yesyesyes
Ticker: acoustic signal                              -yesyesyes
Rechargeable battery--yes-
Real-time data transmission                        ---yes
Graphic tool for data evaluation                        ---yes

Learn more about the respective model by clicking on the image of the desired GAMMA-SCOUT.


Scope of delivery

  • Geiger counter GAMMA-SCOUT Online
  • USB cable
  • Operating instructions
  • Calibration certificate with unit


Software download for evaluating the measurement data

GAMMA-SCOUT TOOLBOX 5 Online for Windows 7

GAMMA-SCOUT TOOLBOX 5 Online for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

GAMMA-SCOUT Realtime Tool for MAC OS X


Note for already purchased units

Please check your FW status first (press the battery symbol on the keyboard of the unit and the Enter key/left arrow in succession) before updating the software, as the new software is not compatible with old units (< FW 5.36). For copy protection reasons, the processor is fused after assembly so that it is not possible to update the FW subsequently.



GAMMA-SCOUT | Online Manual DE

The manual with operating instructions for the Geiger Counter Online from GAMMA-SCOUT in German

GAMMA-SCOUT | Online Manual DE

GAMMA-SCOUT | Online Manual EN

The manual with operating instructions for the Geiger Counter Online from GAMMA-SCOUT in English

GAMMA-SCOUT | Online Manual EN


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