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Geiger Counter GAMMA-SCOUT Rechargeable: The Radiation Meter with Rechargeable Battery

The GAMMA-SCOUT Geiger counter is the best-known radiation measuring instrument in the world and is already the gold standard among experts and hobby researchers when it comes to measuring radioactivity. High measuring accuracy and good workmanship clearly set this hand-held measuring instrument apart from the crowd. Many experts are particularly impressed by the high-quality counting tube: it comes from the USA (LND Incorporated) and is considered by experts to be one of the best on the entire market. The plastic casing of the GAMMA-SCOUT is virtually unbreakable and meets all standards for shock resistance for portable handheld devices, which makes the casing extremely robust. It can withstand even the greatest temperature fluctuations.


Features and functions of the GAMMA-SCOUT Rechargeable

The GAMMA-SCOUT Rechargeable combines the functions of the basic model and the Alert. In addition, it is the only GAMMA-SCOUT with a rechargeable battery. The battery is charged quickly. The GAMMA-SCOUT Rechargeable can be operated for about 2 months with one battery charge.

You can find the matching accessories for the GAMMA-SCOUT here.


Radon measurement with the GAMMA-SCOUT Rechargeable

The Geiger counter GAMMA-SCOUT is the only hand-held measuring instrument on the German market that can measure alpha radiation in addition to beta and gamma radiation. Radon belongs to the alpha emitters, which is why all GAMMA-SCOUT models can reliably determine radon gas concentrations.


Advantages of the GAMMA-SCOUT Rechargeable at a glance

  • Rechargeable battery: operating time approx. 2 months


In addition, the GAMMA-SCOUT Rechargeable has all the functions of the Alert:

  • Integrated alarm: Acoustic signals when the defined radiation value or dose is exceeded.
  • Ticker: each detected radiation pulse is converted into a click sound


In addition, the GAMMA-SCOUT Rechargeable has all the features of the Standard:

  • High-quality counting tube: Measurement of alpha, beta and gamma radiation with a high degree of measurement accuracy.
  • Radon measurement: Exact measurement of radon concentration possible
  • Short measuring intervals: 2-second cycle
  • Dosimeter function: the GAMMA-SCOUT can also be used as a personal dosimeter
  • Large data memory: Enough memory for up to 32,000 measured values
  • Wide measuring range: 0.01- 5,000 microsieverts per hour
  • Flexible display of units: Units can be displayed in SEM or sievert
  • USB connection: The GAMMA-SCOUT can be connected to a PC via USB cable.
  • Evaluation software: free download is available for Windows and MAC operating systems
  • Official certification: complies with the CE standard (EU) and the American FCC standard
  • Patented energy-saving concept: the lithium thionyl chloride cell has a runtime of up to 12 years
  • Made in Germany: development and production are subject to high quality standards
  • Certified individual calibration: The final test is monitored by the Institute for Radiation Protection of a state university of applied sciences. The test specimens must lie within the confidence interval of 5 % against a master, which in turn has been matched against a tested Cs 137 radiator and the ODL.


For whom is the GAMMA-SCOUT Rechargeable suitable?

The GAMMA-SCOUT Rechargeable Geiger counter has already proven its worth to customers all over the world for measuring radioactivity when large battery power is required:

  • Governmental institutions, such as THW, police, fire brigades
  • Universities
  • Radiation laboratories and research
  • Hazardous areas


The four GAMMA-SCOUT models in comparison

The four GAMMA-SCOUT models differ from each other in essential functions. Compare the devices and find the right one for your requirements.

Measurement of α- also β- and γ-radiation                            yesyesyesyes
Certified single calibration                             yesyesyesyes
Data storage                        yesyesyesyes
Data evaluation via Windows and MAC yesyesyesyes
Patented current saving Conceptyesyesyesyes
Alarm threshold for dose rate & dose-yesyesyes
Ticker: acoustic signal                              -yesyesyes
Rechargeable battery--yes-
Real-time data transmission                        ---yes
Graphic tool for data evaluation                        ---yes

Learn more about the respective model by clicking on the image of the desired GAMMA-SCOUT.


Scope of delivery

  • Geiger counter GAMMA-SCOUT Rechargeable
  • USB cable
  • Operating instructions
  • Calibration certificate with unit number          


Software download for evaluating the measurement data


GAMMA-SCOUT TOOLBOX 5 for Windows 8, 8.1 und 10

GAMMA-SCOUT Reader for Mac OS X

Note for already purchased units

Please check your FW status first (press the battery symbol on the keyboard of the unit and the Enter key/left arrow in succession) before updating the software, as the new software is not compatible with old units (< FW 5.36). For copy protection reasons, the processor is fused after assembly so that it is not possible to update the FW subsequently.



GAMMA-SCOUT | Rechargeable Manual DE

The manual with operating instructions for the Geiger counter Rechargeable from GAMMA-SCOUT in German

GAMMA-SCOUT | Rechargeable Manual DE

GAMMA-SCOUT | Rechargeable Manual EN

The manual with operating instructions for the Geiger Counter Rechargeable from GAMMA-SCOUT in English

GAMMA-SCOUT | Rechargeable Manual EN

FAQ (4)

Geiger Counter

Questions and answers about Geiger counters.

If you own a Geiger counter, you will soon come across some terms that a Geiger counter owner has to deal with. There are complex relationships between the voltage activities to be measured and the properties of the respective device type. The following is a brief overview of the most important units involved in the topic of radioactivity. This way you can be sure that you interpret the numbers on the display correctly and then draw the right conclusions.

The unit of measurement Becquerel indicates how many atomic nuclei of a radioactive substance decay within a second. The half-life is the probability that an atomic nucleus will decay in the next second. If you want to determine the total activity of a substance, you multiply the amount of atomic nuclei that decay in one second by the number of atoms present.

Dose rate
The dose rate indicates how much energy is stored per unit of time in a defined quantity of substance. In order to describe the harmful potential of radioactivity, the pure activity information is not sufficient; it must also be stated how much energy is deposited per unit of time in a substance. The dose rate is measured in joules per kilogram and second.

In medicine, on the other hand, people are not only interested in the energy that is deposited in a substance in a time interval, but above all in the biological damage it causes to human tissue. Since different types of radiation with their different energy ranges have a different damaging potential, the dose rate is weighted by a biological factor. The result is the so-called equivalent dose rate, measured in Sievert per second (Sv/s). The higher the equivalent dose rate, the higher the tissue-damaging potential of radiation.

Since one sievert per second already corresponds to a very dangerous irradiation, the tissue-damaging potential is often indicated in microsievert per second (µSv/s). For longer stays in radiating areas the radiation exposure is also indicated in microsievert per hour (µSv/h).

If the dose rate is added up over a period of time, the dose is obtained. The dose is given in Gray or Sievert. A flight from Berlin to Los Angeles, for example, produces a dose of 50 to 100 microsievert (µSv), which corresponds approximately to the dose produced by an X-ray of the chest. According to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, the total effective dose of X-ray examinations is 1.6 millisievert per person per year in Germany (mSv).

Annual dose
The annual dose for natural radiation in Germany is about 2 millisieverts per year (mSv/a). The annual dose can vary greatly for individual citizens, depending on their place of residence and lifestyle. The annual maximum dose for persons who are exposed to radioactive radiation in their profession is 20 millisieverts per year (mSv/a) in Germany. In the USA, the limit was set at 50 millisieverts per year (mSv/a). Even if the maximum annual dose here is quite high, it is worth keeping the annual dose as low as possible.

A Geiger counter measures the number of radioactive decays of a substance. The value shown on the display is the higher the more decays a material produces. If the radiation meter has a ticker, the radiation intensity can even be made audible. The shorter the distances between the individual clicks, the higher the decay rate.

The most important component of a Geiger counter is the so-called Geiger-Müller counter tube. This consists of a metal shell, a cathode and an anode. The tube itself is filled with a gas (often inert gas). If the thin wire in the middle is now energized (500 volts or more), it can attract the electrons that are released when radioactive particles disintegrate. The contact of electrons with the inert gas of the Geiger-Müller counter tube makes the gas briefly conductive, thus closing the circuit. If the Geiger counter has a loudspeaker, a click sound is generated during this process.

In addition to the Geiger meters with Geiger-Müller counter tube, there are also models with semiconductor detectors. These models can not only determine the number of decays of a substance, but also the energy of the incident radiation. In addition, Geiger counters based on semiconductor technology have a very long service life and low energy consumption.

The radiation measuring device Gamma-Scout Standard is known for its particularly high-quality counter tube, which cannot be found in such a quality in any other comparable device. This is the reason why not only employees from science and research as well as from authorities and industry turn to Gamma-Scout, but also more and more laymen who want to get more certainty about a possible radiation exposure in their environment. The Gamma-Scout Standard is used, for example, to check:

  • Residential and office buildings
  • Walls, ceilings and floors
  • Building materials and natural stones
  • Postal consignments, on receipt of goods
  • Parcels and letters at customs
  • Radon concentrations in residential buildings etc.

Since the Geiger counter Gamma-Scout constantly adds up all measured values, the radiation measuring device can also be used as a dosimeter. In this way you can determine the total dose that hits your body in a certain period of time. Afterwards the measured values can be compared with the recommendations of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection.

Natural radiation is constantly present in our environment. The normal level of underground radiation is about 0.1-0.25 µSv/h on average worldwide. So if the measurements with your Geiger counter show higher values, this is already a problem. The seriousness of this problem then only depends on two further factors: The time you have been exposed to the radiation and the amount of radiation dose.


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