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Find many different radon detectors for indoor and outdoor. For fast radon measurment in your house or at your workplace.
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RadonTec | PRD Radon Exposimeter for indoor use (1-12 months)

NEW: The passive radon exposimeter is suitable for long-term measurements (1-12 months) in all building types. The costs for the laboratory evaluation are already included in the purchase price.

  • Long-term Exposimeter (1-12 months)
  • nuclear track method
  • Laboratory evaluation included
  • State-approved & recognised measuring labratory
  • EU wide recognition
29,50 € *
Not available now!

ALTRAC Radon Exposimeter/Dosimeter for long-term measurment

1 x Passiv Exposimter

29,50 € *
Not available now!

Altrac passiv exposimeter for outdoor radon measuring

1 x Passiv Exposimter

35,00 € *
Available now!

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