Radiation sources

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Waltec Trigaglow Test Source for Geiger Counter Test

Tritium gas light pendant
The legal self-illuminating test radiator with tritium gas filling

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Waltec Uranium Glass Test Source for Geiger Counter Test

Uranium Glass
The legal test radiator for testing your geiger counter.

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Radon meter / dosimeter test with a test radiator

Many customers who buy a radon meter / dosimeter, often want to test their new instrument through its paces. For these customers, we carry out various test emitters are now available. In the test emitters is natural, radioactive rock that was found in mining operations. The test radiator is typically from pitchblende (uraninite) and are different types of radiation. Also Radon gas is formed by the test lamps. Thus, a sufficiently large amount of radon is generated, the radiation source but requires a certain size. For storage pitchblende / uraninite we recommend a lead container, which you also find in our shop.  

Pitchblende / uraninite: Test your radon meter and your Geiger counter

Our test spotlights consist mainly of natural, radioactive mountain rock, which mainly secretes alpha radiation. But beta and gamma radiation and radon gas is formed by the test lamps. For the test, a radon meter or Geiger counter already enough a small amount of the material. Although the test spotlights only a few centimeters (or mm) has a diameter, many rashes on radon meter / Geiger counter can be achieved with it. Since the quantity sold of the rock within the exemption limit for radioactive sources, the rock may be freely sold and used by individuals. If you want to store the pitchblende / uraninite professionally, we recommend for keeping a lead container, which is also available at radonshop.com.  

Safe handling of radioactive sources

Although emanating only a low risk of the test lamps sold by us, dealing with pitchblende / uraninite should be done with caution. It is best to keep the radioactive rock on in a dust and radiation-proof lead container and store it as far away from the living areas (eg. In the basement). Direct contact with the test emitters should also be avoided to prevent an immediate uptake of the radioactive substances into the body. When dealing with a radioactive sources should always be worn gloves and a face mask.