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Passiv Detectors
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FTLAB RadonEye RD200 Radon Gas Detector

269,00 € 309,00 €
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FTLAB RadonEye Plus RD200P Radon Gas Detector

399,00 €
including 19% VAT. , no shipping costs
Available now!

Radon measuring instruments for fast and accurate measurement of radon In get different radon measuring devices for accurate and reliable determination of indoor radon concentrations.

Supplied to different products to choose from. With our exposimeters you can carry out long-term and short-term measurement and thus obtain accurate information on whether in your own home there is a radon exposure. The advantage of exposimeters lies firstly in the ease of use of the device (up, measure, send to the laboratory), as well as in the high measurement accuracy.

The passive radon exposure meters is simply sent to the measurement to a certified laboratory, where it is evaluated by experts for free. You will then receive a report that tells you whether you have an exposure to radon.