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RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic

RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic

SKU: 50-001
GTIN: 4260514361080
  • Ventilation unit with heat recovery
  • Ideal for mold prevention
  • Ideal for radon protection
  • Configurable via mobile devices
  • EAN: 4260514361080
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  • Ventilation unit with heat recovery
  • Ideal for mold prevention
  • Ideal for radon protection
  • Configurable via mobile devices
  • EAN: 4260514361080

AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic

The AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic with heat recovery can automatically regulate the air supply according to the current temperature parameter. Increase not only the energy efficiency in the long term with this ventilation unit, also ensure the protection of your building fabric.  The AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic is also ideal for preventing or combating mold. In addition, the fan convinces with a timer function and an automated protection against frost.

If the radon activity concentration in cellars and living rooms is low, the BMU recommends regular mechanical cross-ventilation (window ventilation) of the rooms. Radon-contaminated air is quickly transported outdoors in this way.

If radon levels are elevated, manual ventilation can no longer sufficiently reduce the radon concentration. Here it makes sense to find a technical solution. Automated ventilation ensures that there is a sufficiently high air exchange and thus the radon concentration can be permanently lowered. Since radon usually enters the building via the basement rooms and spreads to the higher floors via stairwells, cables and pipe connections, reducing the radon concentration in the basement helps to significantly reduce the total radon load in the building.

The AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic climate-controlled ventilation system with heat recovery and dew point control also prevents moisture from entering the basement, is easy on the wallet during the heating season and ensures a pleasant feel-good climate in living spaces.


Many advantages at a glance

  • Integrated timer: regular change between basic and intensive ventilation
  • Sensor-controlled frost protection: automated operation
  • External USB connection: data transfer even when the housing door is closed
  • Free Windows software: display of measured live values
  • Air opening on the room side: room air connection possible
  • 12 volt DC motors with winglet technology: universal operation for all rooms
  • Remote control by external switches, grids and relays (software required)
  • Application for DIBt approval has been submitted


Perfectly fitting accessories for the AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic

All parts for the AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic can be found in the accessories section:

With the Wifi Module, in addition to configuring the AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic, you can also read out live data and display it via mobile devices.

The Ventilation Mushroom protects the pipe of your fresh air supply from rain and dirt.

The Flue Gas Thermostat enables automated alternating operation with a room air dependent fireplace.

The Pollen Filter protect allergy sufferers during the pollen season and are available as a pack of 10.

The Activated Carbon Filter clean the ambient air from odors and exhaust gases before they enter the building.

The Standard Filter should be replaced regularly to keep the AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic fully functional.

The 12 Volt In-Wall Power Supply invisibly supplies power to the ventilation unit from the rear panel.

If you order a version of the AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic at the same time, we will install the power supply unit before delivery. For this purpose, please order this variant of the 12 Volt In-Wall Power Supply (build-in).

The Heat Exchanger fits all variants of the AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic.

The AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic can be conveniently retrofitted with the humidity sensor at home at a later date. Comprehensive instructions are available for download.


Technical data

Dimensions base body (HxWxD) 40 x 30 x 10,5 cm
Dimensions front door (HxWxD) 44,5 x 32 x 1 cm
Heat recovery up to 90%
Ventilation pipe outside Diameter 50 mm
Diameter outer Panels 80 mm
Power regulation 10 levels
Air flow rate 5 - 20 m³ / h
Sound pressure level 22 - 38 dBA
Standby < 0,5 watt
Power consumption (incl. frost protection) 1,5 to 6 watt


Scope of delivery

  • 1 x AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic
  • 2 x humidity/temperature sensors already installed
  • 1 x 12 Volt power supply unit
  • 2 x plastic tubes diameter 50 mm, length 500 mm
  • 4 x foam rings (with core)
  • 2 x outer panels (with / without drip lip)
  • 4 x dowels + screws
  • 2 x G3 dust filter (standard)
  • 1 x CR2032 lithium battery
  • 1 x installation and operating instructions
  • 1 x drilling template
  • 1 x USB cable


The following accessories are still required for installation

  • A box of mounting foam to fix the pipes in the wall (for common stone or brick walls). Alternatively, e.g. in the case of timber frame construction, appropriate sealing material for the penetration of the vapour barrier.
  • Joint silicone or PU sealing compound for the transitions from the unit to the pipe and from the pipe to the outer panel


Software Download

Free download of the Windows software for control and evaluation of the AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic and its variants.

Contact data

RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 25 Manual EN

RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 25 Manual EN

RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic data sheet DE

RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 25 Basic data sheet EN

RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 25 Software Manual EN

RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 25 drilling template

RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 25 Flyer EN

RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 25 Flyer DE

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