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Kopie von RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi Großraumlüftung

Kopie von RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi Großraumlüftung

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  • Large-volume ventilation system up to 200 m³
  • With heat recovery
  • Controllable via app for Android/iOS
  • Optionally with radon sensor
  • Optionally with mounting kit
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  • Large-volume ventilation system up to 200 m³
  • With heat recovery
  • Controllable via app for Android/iOS
  • Optionally with radon sensor
  • Optionally with mounting kit
Radon sensor 
Mounting kit 

Radon ventilation for a healthy indoor climate with the AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi

AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi is a large-volume ventilation system with heat recovery for energy-saving, decentralised ventilation in Single-family homes, offices, hotels, cafés, conference halls and other residential and commercial spaces. The ventilation system offers an ideal solution for simple and efficient ventilation in new buildings as well as old buildings. Thanks to the design of the AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi, no pipe routing is required.

The housing is made of polymer-coated metal with a modern acrylic cover. It allows for easy replacement of filters and can be locked. The AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi is insulated with 30 mm synthetic foam rubber against heat loss and sound propagation.

The ventilation system is connected to the outside via two 100 mm diameter ventilation pipes for supply and exhaust air. A third spigot (included in the delivery) can be connected, for example, to connect the exhaust pipe from the bathroom.

The CO2 and humidity sensors check the room air at regular intervals. Based on the measured parameters, the AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi takes over the fresh air supply and ensures a comfortable climate in the room.


How the AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi works

Heat exchange of the AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi

The AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi individual room ventilation is equipped with a counterflow heat exchanger with enthalpy membrane.

  • During the heating period, heat and humidity from the outgoing air is transferred to the supply air via the enthalpy membrane. Heat loss during ventilation can be reduced by up to 96% and heating costs saved. A pre-heating coil prevents the formation of condensate.
  • In the warm season, heat and humidity of the supply air are transferred to the extract air via the enthalpy membrane. The drier and cooler supply air relieves existing air conditioning systems or in some cases makes them superfluous.
Recirculation of the AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi

The supply and exhaust air dampers are closed when the air purification function is activated. The recirculation damper is open.

The room air circulates through the filters and returns to the room purified.


The supply air flow is cleaned by two air filters of filter class G4 and F7 installed in series. They remove insects, pollen and spores as well as tobacco smoke and agglomerated soot from the air to be supplied to the room. Optionally, the F7 filter can be replaced by an H13 filter.

The exhaust air is cleaned of dust and the like by a G4 filter before it is led outside through the AlphaAir Freshbox 100 WiFi.

Replacement filters, for both supply and extract air, can be found in the accessories.


Ventilation is radon protection: AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi with radon sensor

If the radon activity concentration in living spaces is below 100 Bq/m³, the BMU recommends regular window ventilation of the rooms. Radon-contaminated air is quickly transported outdoors in this way.

In the case of elevated radon levels of 300 Bq/m³ or more, manual ventilation can in some cases no longer sufficiently reduce the radon concentration. Here it makes sense to find a technical solution. Automated ventilation ensures that there is a sufficiently high air exchange and thus the radon concentration can be permanently reduced.

The AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi with radon sensor monitors the radon levels automatically and ensures that the room is thoroughly ventilated if the set limit value is exceeded. The radon concentration drops and you benefit from a healthy indoor Climate.


All advantages of the AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi at a glance

  • Efficient aeration and deaeration of individual rooms: delivery rate 200 m³/h
  • Speed switch-on and switch-over
  • Counterflow heat exchanger for up to 96% heat recovery
  • For operation in humid and hot climates with an enthalpy heat exchanger
  • Supply air purification via two built-in filters with filter class G4 and F7 (optionally H13)
  • Filter change indicator
  • Excellent sound insulation: 25-38 dBA
  • EC motors with low energy consumption: up to 90% efficiency
  • Timer, alarm, time-controlled operation
  • Easy installation: illustrated instructions available as download
  • Compact size
  • Modern design
  • Control via app: download links available for Android and iOS
  • Optionally available with radon sensor
  • Optionally available with mounting kit


Controlling the AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi with your smartphone

With its integrated WiFi function, the ventilation unit can be controlled via WLAN with your smartphone or tablet. In just a few steps, you can connect the AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi to your mobile device and conveniently control your ventilation Routine.

App Download

With its integrated WiFi function, the ventilation unit can be controlled via WLAN with your smartphone or tablet.


Technical data

Conveying capacity 30 - 200 m³/h
Sound pressure Level 12 - 45 dBA
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Speed 2000 min-1
Heat recovery         up to 85 %
Heat exchanger Countercurrent heat exchanger                         
Supply air filter G4, F7 (optional: H13)
Exhaust air filter                                      G4
Diameter of connection pipe 100  mm
Dimensions (HxWxD) 101,8 x 55 x 20 cm
Weight 44 kg


Installation example in a room < 200 m³

The AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi can effectively ventilate rooms of up to 200 m³.

The AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi can effectively ventilate rooms of up to 200 m³.

One or more AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi ventilation units are mounted in each room where ventilation is required.

A ventilation pipe for removing air from the bathroom can also be connected to the large-area ventilation. For this purpose, the ventilation system can be equipped with an optional connection piece with a diameter of 100 mm (included in the scope of delivery).


MK-Freshbox 200 assembly kit for mounting the ventilation System (optionally)

The MK-Freshbox 200 assembly kit is intended for preparing the installation site for the AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi ventilation unit during the construction phase.

For installation of the ventilation unit in the wall thickness over 500 mm, two extra Ø 125 mm ventilation pipes of the required length must be obtained.

  • Two Ø 100 mm plastic ventilation pipes, 500 mm long
  • External ventilation bonnet, white
  • Cardboard mounting plate


Scope of delivery

  • AlphaFreshbox 200 in the selected variant
  • Remote control
  • Drilling template
  • MK-Freshbox 200 installation kit (optionally)


Dispatch by courier service (within Germany)

Due to its weight, the AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi is always shipped by courier service.

  • Shipping time approx. 7 days
  • NO additional shipping costs

RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi Manual DE

RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 200 WiFi manual EN

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