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RadonTec | Humidity Sensor for the AlphaFreshbox 25

RadonTec | Humidity Sensor for the AlphaFreshbox 25

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  • Extention for AlphaFreshbox 25 and its variants
  • Simple installation at home
  • 3 Operating modes
  • Delivery time: 2 - 3 Workdays (Other countries)
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  • Extention for AlphaFreshbox 25 and its variants
  • Simple installation at home
  • 3 Operating modes

Upgrade your AlphaFreshbox 25 with the humidity sensor!

The humidity sensor is the perfect upgrade for the AlphaFreshbox Basic or the AlphaFreshbox with Radon sensor. With just a few simple steps you can expand your ventilation system and thus enable the fully automatic control of your room climate.

Note on the scope of delivery

For reasons of simplification, we refer to the humidity sensor here in the text and also in the manual. However, the humidity control of the AlphaFreshbox 25 is made possible by two sensor components, the upper and the lower sensor. Since these two sensors are necessary for error-free operation, the scope of delivery naturally includes both sensors.


Three operating modes of the humidity sensor

Cellar mode for maximum dehumidification

Especially in summer, incorrect ventilation can transport moisture into the basement, where it condenses due to the temperature difference. Without predefined basic ventilation, the ventilation system decides based on a dew point comparison whether intensive ventilation is appropriate at the moment. In winter, the unit works with heat recovery to prevent the basement rooms from cooling down.

Comfort mode for living rooms

Define the desired humidity content in the room air (e.g. 8.5 g/m³ for 50% relative humidity at 20°C room temperature) and the ventilation system provides a comfortable living climate fully automatically.

This function can be controlled by the integrated timer to minimize airflow noise during the night.

Cross ventilation without heat recovery in summer

In this mode, two ventilation units can be combined into a cross-ventilation group. If the room temperature exceeds a defined value while the outdoor temperature is lower, the cooler outdoor air is let in directly and the warm indoor air is exhausted, bypassing the heat recovery.

This mode can be combined with the comfort mode.

If you only use one AlphaFreshbox 25, define it as a supply air unit. Leaks in the building envelope ensure that the warm air is let out.


Download Windows software

Free download of the Windows-Software for control and evaluation of the AlphaFreshbox 25 and its sensors.

Configuration of the retrofitted humidity sensor (German Audio)


RadonTec Humidity Sensor Manual DE

RadonTec Humidity Sensor Manual EN

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