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RadonTec | Wifi-Modul for AlphaFreshbox 25

RadonTec | Wifi-Modul for AlphaFreshbox 25

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  • Extension to the AlphaFreshbox 25 and its variants
  • WPA/WPA2
  • Regular function updates
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  • Extension to the AlphaFreshbox 25 and its variants
  • WPA/WPA2
  • Regular function updates

The Wifi module for the AlphaFreshbox 25

The WPS function guarantees you a secure and fast connection to the router. In addition, direct access without a router is possible in access point mode. Here you can specify SSID and PWD of a router.

Switch between HTML mode (display of device live values in the browser) and tool mode (Windows configuration tool) simply by DIP switch. Devices from Wifi firmware WS181011 and newer can be configured comfortably via the browser in HTML mode.

Since the last improvement of the Wifi module, the module has an additional HTML mode, whereby cross-platform live values can be retrieved and a larger antenna range.

So that you can also benefit from future updates of the Wifi module, update your Wifi module uncomplicated via the Internet.


The suitable circuit board for the Wifi module

If you would like to upgrade your already purchased AlphaFreshbox 25 with the Wifi module, please check in advance whether your device has the suitable circuit board.

A board with voltage regulator from "TI" must be installed, e.g. "TI 39E" or "TI 5BE".

Inserting the Wifi module into the AlphaFreshbox 25

Establishing a connection to the Wifi module

Direct connection to the internal access point of the WLAN module

No live data will be transmitted to the server without your consent. When connecting the module via WLAN, it is possible to transmit its assigned IP address, the MAC address of the module, as well as the firmware version of module and motherboard to the server. This makes it easier for you to contact the module without having to search for the assigned IP address in the router. If you do not want this, set the left DIP switch to "ON" (private mode). Then you have to read out the local IP address by means of a USB cable via Windows tool or in the router.


Commands for Smarthome systems in HTML mode reads out the device live values in YAML or XML format switches the device on switches the device off toggles between on/off has the same function as pressing the timer button switches the device to level 1 and fixes it (levels 1-10 available) If a level has been fixed, this command activates the humidity automatic again (for devices with humidity sensors)


The sample IP address must be replaced with the IP address of your own device.


Other optional features

  • Nightly synchronization of the device clock with the atomic time
  • Autonomous search for updates
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