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Tenmars TM-91 Geiger Counter Radiation Detector

Tenmars TM-91 Geiger Counter Radiation Detector

GTIN: 4260514360410
Category: Radiation

Tenmars TM-91 Geiger counter

  • Quick response to the radiation strength of Beta(B), Gamma(y) and X-ray.
  • Display units in uSv/h and uRem/h.
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Tenmars TM-91 Geiger counter

  • Quick response to the radiation strength of Beta(B), Gamma(y) and X-ray.
  • Display units in uSv/h and uRem/h.

Tenmars TM-91 Geiger counter

The Tenmars TM 91 can measure background radioactivity and detect the radioactivity of different materials and products. The device detects radiation in the measuring range from 0.5 to 19.99 microsievert per hour. The alarm threshold can be set individually for the Geiger counter Tenmars TM 91.

If this alarm threshold is exceeded, the Geiger counter outputs an alarm signal. The required 9-volt battery is interchangeable and already included. The violin counter Tenmars TM 91 is suitable for private persons and authorities. It has also been successfully used in the medical, nuclear and metal processing industries for many years.

- Display units in uSv/h and uRem/h.
- Built-in a GM tube.
- Quick response to the radiation strength of 
Beta(B), Gamma(y) and X-ray.
- Auto Ranging.
- Automatic detection, easy setting.
- A beeper chirps with each radiation count.
- Audio alarm setting function.

TM-91 & TM-92 Radiation Monitor are the survey meter in measuring the beta, gamma and x-ray radiation. It is useful in monitoring the environment/home safety, nuclear, medical, mining and metal industries. It is also ideal for the border control, customs and cargo inspections.

Model No.:




3 1/2 digits, bright LCD with the maximum reading of 1999


µSv/h or µRem/h

µSv/h or mRem/h


0.01µSv/h~19.99µSv/h or 1µRem/h~1999µRem/h

0.1µSv/h~199.9µSv/hor 0.01mRem/h~19.99mRem/h

Measurement Range:

0.5µSv/h~19.99µSv/h or 50µRem/h~1999µRem/h

0.5µSv/h~199.9µSv/h or 0.05mRem/h~19.99mRem/h


0.01 uSv/h


0.1 uSv/h

0.01  mRem/h

Test Radiation:

Beta() and Gamma(y) ray.

Sampling time:

20 second/ times

5 second/ times

Energy dependency:

0.1 to 1.25 Mev


+/-15% of reading.

Alarm Settlings:

default value : 0.50µSv/h,

setting range: 0~19.99µSv/h

default value0.5µSv/h

setting range: 0~199.9µSv/h

Auto Power Off:

default value : 30 minutes

setting range: 0 ~ 60 minutes ( 0: disable the auto power off)

Operation Environment:

0ºC~50ºC ; below 80%  RH

Storage Environment:

-20ºC~60ºC ; below 75% RH

Battery Type:

006P 9V

Battery Life:

about 50 hour


143 x74 x34mm




Verwendung: Normal
Stromversorgung: Batterie
Anzeige: Kleines Display
Kategorie: Strahlung
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