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Retrofitting old buildings with the Micra 60 single room ventilation System

The Micra 60 is a single-room ventilation system for optimum decentralised ventilation of separate rooms in flats, houses, social and commercial buildings. An air duct network is not required. The ideal solution for simple and efficient ventilation as a retrofit in old buildings.

The housing is made of polymer-coated metal and decorated with high-gloss stainless steel. The modern design blends the ventilation system perfectly into any room design. The removable front panel makes it easy to change filters and clean the ventilation System.


Advantages of the Micra 60 at a glance

  • Efficient single-room ventilation of separate rooms
  • Plate counterflow heat exchanger made of plastic with heat recovery efficiency of up to 79
  • EC fans with low energy consumption and 12 V extra-low voltage
  • Integrated control with three operating modes
  • Quiet operation (22-29 dBA)
  • Air purification with two built-in G4 filters
  • Simple mounting
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Impulse power supply with the wide supply voltage range 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Heat and sound insulation made of 15 mm PE foam foil.
  • Fresh air is fed into the ventilation system and exhaust air is discharged from the system via two Ø 125 mm ventilation pipes.


Air purification by the Micra 60

Both supply and extract air streams are purified by two built-in air filters with filter class G4. The filters remove dust and insects from the supply air and prevent contamination of the ventilation system. In this way, you maintain a healthy indoor Climate.



  • The axial fans with EC motor are used for aeration and deaeration.
  • Thanks to EC technology, the ventilation system is characterised by low energy consumption.
  • The motors are supplied with 12 V extra-low voltage.
  • The motors are equipped with integrated overheating protection and ball bearings for a long service life.


Technical data in ventilation level 3

Speed3 levels
Voltage100-240 V
Power15,4 W
Power consumption0.07 A
Max. delivery rate 60 m³/h
Frequency50/60 Hz
Rotational speed 2685 min-1
Heat recovery efficiency         79 %
Sound pressure m³29 dB
Remote controlSensory and mechanical
Air duct125 mm
Protection class IP 22


Power supply unit

The power supply to the ventilation system is provided by an integrated power supply unit with a supply voltage range of 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz. The power supply unit has an integrated circuit breaker for various emergency situations, e.g. short circuit, overload, voltage jumps or reversed polarity at the output. Therefore, the ventilation unit is suitable for safe operation in power grids of different electrical Standards.

Heat exchanger

The highly efficient heat exchanger is made of plastic and ensures the recovery of heat energy from the exhaust air, for heating the supply air, with the efficiency of heat recovery up to 79%. The combined operation of the MICRA 60 A4 single room ventilation system in conjunction with an air conditioning system is not only the most effective way to create a comfortable climate in the room, but also a considerable cost saving, as the heat exchanger stores the heat in winter and the coolness in summer.

Frost protection

The ventilation system is equipped with a frost protection system. During heat recovery, the exhaust air heat energy is transferred to the cold supply air flow. Condensate forms in the heat exchanger, which is discharged to the outside via an extract air pipe. As soon as the air temperature in the extract air pipe is below its setpoint, there is a risk of condensate freezing in the heat exchanger. The electronic frost protection system prevents this. In the event of the risk of freezing, which is signalled via the temperature sensor, the supply air fan is switched off. The heat exchanger is heated up to the set temperature by a warm exhaust air flow. The supply air fan is then restarted and the ventilation system returns to the previous operating mode.

Control and operating modes

Fresh cold outdoor air flows through the filter and heat exchanger and is led into the room by the supply air axial fan. Warm extract air is extracted from the room via the filter and heat exchanger and led outdoors via the extract air axial fan. The heat transfer process takes place in a heat exchanger, in which heat energy from the extract air is transferred to the fresh supply air. This reduces heat loss and minimises heating costs in the cold season. The supply and extract air streams are separated from each other so that odours and bacteria from the extract air stream cannot be transferred to the supply air stream.

The unit is equipped with a sensor speed switch or a three-position switch.

The control system enables ventilation in three operating modes:

  1. minimum air delivery rate 30 m³/h and noise level 22 dB(A)
  2. medium air flow rate 45 m³/h and noise level 25 dB(A)
  3. maximum air flow rate 60 m³/h and noise level 29 dB(A)

Scope of delivery for the Micra 60

  • Micra 60 ventilation unit
  • Drilling template


An example of the ventilation system based on the Micra 60

  • -For a ventilation system based on the MICRA 60 ventilation unit, install a ventilation unit in each room.
    -A single ventilation system ensures efficient ventilation for a room up to 24 m2.
    -A ventilation system based on the MICRA 60 ventilation system ensures permanent air exchange in the room, saving heat in winter and coolness in summer.
     -To create a highly efficient ventilation based on MICRA 60 ventilation systems, we also recommend installing the intelligent VENTS iFan axial fans in the kitchen and bathroom.  Then the used exhaust air is automatically extracted according to the signal from the humidity or motion sensor.

    -The MICRA 60 ventilation system is designed for installation through an exterior wall in the interior. The minimum wall thickness is 100 mm.
    -Mark the core hole drillings on the wall using the paper template from the scope of delivery and the mounting kits MK1 and MK2.
    -After drilling the core hole openings for the ventilation pipes, fix the template to the wall with adhesive tape. Install the PVC ventilation pipes from mounting kit MK1 or MK2 in the core hole openings.
    -Use the template to align the ventilation pipes in the correct position so that the axes of the system spigots as well as the ventilation pipes match.
    -Mount the NB external bonnet (included in the scope of delivery of the MK2 installation kit) on the external wall to prevent water and foreign bodies from entering the ventilation system.
    -Install the ventilation pipes with a slight downward slope to allow condensate to drain from the ventilation system.
    -Once the ventilation pipes are fixed in the correct position in relation to the outer bonnet as well as the template, fill the cavities between the ventilation pipes and the wall with installation foam through the specially designed openings in the template.
    -After the foam has cured, remove the template and cut the ventilation pipes so that they are flush with the wall surface.
    -To assemble the system casing, first remove the decorative plate and then pull out the heat exchanger.
    -Insert the system spigots into the ventilation pipes and fix the casing to the wall with dowels and screws.
    -The ventilation system is supplied to you with a pre-wired mains cable and a cable plug.
    -If required, the ventilation system can be connected to the mains via the output terminals.
    -To do this, disconnect the power cable from the terminal box and connect the outgoing power wires.
    -After mounting the casing and making the electrical connection, install the heat exchanger and the front panel back into the ventilation unit.


Vents | MICRA 60 Manual DE

The manual with step-by-step installation instructions for the MICRA 60 by Vents in German

Vents | MICRA 60 Manual DE

Vents | MICRA 60 Manual EN

The manual with step-by-step installation instructions for the MICRA 60 by Vents in English

Vents | MICRA 60 Manual EN

Vents | MICRA 60 Product Description DE

The product description of the MICRA 60 by Vents in German

Vents | MICRA 60 Product Description DE

Vents | MICRA 60 Product Description EN

The product description of the MICRA 60 by Vents in English

Vents | MICRA 60 Product Description EN


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