LF Gigahertz-Solutions ME3830B EMF meter for low frequency electrosmog

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Gigahertz Solutions - Low Frequency Analyzer ME3830B

The ME3830B field strength meter is part of the new ME3 series from Gigahertz Solutions. The device offers both laymen and professionals the possibility to measure electrosmog and low frequency fields quickly and reliably. The ME3830B electrosmog analyzer has been equipped with the latest circuit elements and produced using a modern manufacturing process. With the ME3830B electrosmog meter you can make a qualified statement as to whether low-frequency fields (16 Hz - 100 kHz) occur in the living space or at the workplace and whether these exceed the building biology recommendations. The ME3830B electrosmog measuring device contains several patents and has been tested thousands of times in practice.


With increasing technological development, more and more electrical appliances have found their way into our homes. We have never been more exposed to the influence of artificial electromagnetic fields ("electrosmog") than we are today. Simple household electronics such as chargers, cell phones, tablets, laptops, TV expose us to low frequency radiation on a daily basis. These constant exposures are suspected to cause disorders and wrong reactions in our organism such as sleep disorders/restless sleep and nightmares, potency and fertility disorders, irritability, hyperactivity and restlessness, headaches and concentration disorders, nausea up to dementia or cancer.


This type of electrosmog is caused by internal sources of interference such as:

  • "dirty power" from computers, consumer electronics, and their charging cables and power supplies, etc.
  • The household power grid and appliances connected to it, switches, dimmers and lamps (also LED!)
  • Unexpected sources of pollution, such as night storage heaters, transformers in adjoining rooms.

This type of electrosmog is caused by external sources of interference such as:

  • High voltage power lines (also underground cables!)
  • Transformer stations or electrified railroads


The advantages of the ME3830B at a glance

  • ELECTROSMOG MEASUREMENT: With the EMF detector you reliably measure low frequency electric & magnetic fields. So you can find "dirty power" & other sources of interference in your personal environment.
  • EXACT MEASUREMENT RESULTS: The Esmog detector measures with incomparably high accuracy (+/- 2%). The measured values are displayed to you directly in the units of the building biology precautionary values.
  • ACOUSTIC SIGNAL: The "Geiger counter effect" helps to detect areas of increased exposure with a signal tone - ideal for locating undetected sources of exposure more quickly.
  • PROTECT YOUR HOME: Inspect your household for possible radiation exposure! Only with reliable readings can you find out if precautionary measures need to be taken.
  • INCLUDED INSTRUCTION: Detailed measuring instructions enable even technical laymen to measure LF electrosmog accurately & compare it with the enclosed building biology guideline recommendations.


Technical Data

  • Frequency range: 16 Hz - 100 kHz (compensated, better than -2 dB).
  • Magnetic flux density (one-dimensional): 1 - 1999 nT
  • Electric field strength: 1 - 1999 V/m
  • Accuracy: +/- 2 %, +/- 14 digits @ 50/60 Hz
  • Sensor: E-field sensor for LF electric fields, H-field sensor for LF magnetic fields (one-dimensional)
  • Audio analysis: Field strength proportional audio signal (with "Geiger counter effect", switchable)
  • signal weighting: RMS
  • Power supply: 9-volt E-block alkaline manganese battery (included), average operating time: 24 to 36 hours (depending on operating mode), low-battery indicator, auto power-off function


Scope of Delievery

  • Electrosmog meter ME3830B
  • Grounding cable
  • Alkaline manganese battery (9 volt battery)
  • Detailed instruction manual with neutral background information

Anzeige:Kleines Display
Nieder-Frequenzbereich:16 Hz - 100 KHz
Messbereich1:­­16 Hz - Bahnstrom
Magnetische Flussdichte:1 - 1999 nT
Elektrische Feldstärke:1 - 1999 V/m


Gigahertz Solutions | ME3830B Handbuch DE & Manual EN


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