In the MZ Newspaper Article from May 10th 2022 our RadonTec Exposimeters are recommended for long-term Radon Measurement. The MZ reports that the unified municipality of Arnstein, was one of the...


Unusual radon levels came to light after we installed an underfloor extraction system in the basement of a customer in Munich. The cause was...


If elevated radon levels are detected in your residential or commercial building over a longer period of time, the question arises: Where does the radon gas enter and what are the next steps?


Also this week we had a run on our measurement devices - this time on the RadonEye RD200 since they were featured in the BR video from March 13th 2022! We at RADONTEC are RadonEye General Importer...


We from RADONTEC were in front of the camera for the Bavarian Television. In the video it becomes clear that far too few people still know about the subject of radon and it is therefore an...


Radon expert Martin Waltl in action in front of the camera. The BR television team accompanied him for one day during the radon gas measurement of a Munich customer. The aim of the TV report is to...


Due to the current war in Ukraine, Germany comes to the conclusion: We have to become more independent from Russia! The reorientation of the energy supply is currently a major point of discussion...


Due to the export stop in Russia it will probably be difficult to get enough new goods in the coming weeks! Therefore we are surprised to have received again a delivery of RADEX Geiger counters ...


Due to the Ukraine crisis, there is an extreme "run" on Geiger counters. Our actually well-stocked warehouse is now sold out after three days.


One year ago on February 11th 2021 the first radon precautionary area in Bavaria was defined. The consequence: The radon concentration had to be measured at all workplaces in the ground floor and...


As you surely know, radon does not stop at older buildings. That´s why one question also arises for the nearly 110,000 architectural monuments in Bavaria: How can radon concentrations be reduced...


The 15th Sachsen`s Radon Days will take place on April 7 and 8, 2022, which we will again hold as an online conference this year due to the currently still uncertain boundary conditions in...


New radon maps from the Federal Office for Radiation Protection show where radon exposure is highest in Germany and where protective measures are needed. Because as we already know, radon gas...


As early as spring 2022, the municipality of Glarus Nord will implement various immediate measures to sustainably reduce radon levels in the Obstaldenum basic school building.


Schneeberg (dpa/sn) - With a project worth millions of euros, the radon exposure of the population in Schneeberg is to be permanently reduced.

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