So that you and your family can live and work healthy in the future!

We help you to more well-being and protection from radon in all areas.

✓ Reduction of the risk of lung cancer
✓ Certainty about the load in your room air
✓ Effective protection for today and tomorrow

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Significantly elevated radon levels were detected after a radon measurement over a period of twelve months in several schools in the three radon precautionary areas of the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt...


The german TV channel "ARD Tagesschau" posted a great Instagram Reel (video) on their Social Media Channel, illustrating in an easy-to-understand...


New study data indicates that awareness in our society about Radon is still widely unknown. Only 14% of respondents have heard that radon gas can occur in first floors of buildings. Scientists are...


Due to the renewed shelling of the largest European nuclear power plant Zaporizhzhya - which has been occupied by Russian troops since the spring, the danger of a leak of radioactive substances is...

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