The measuring device for Radon Sniffing: AlphaSniffer

A master of tracking

Indispensable in building diagnosis - no less applies to the new RadonTec AlphaSniffer. After an intensive exchange with our customers and representatives from the radon industry, we decided to include a dedicated measuring device for radon sniffing in our broad product range. In doing so, we agreed that we would choose a radon sniffer that would meet important requirements for performing a building diagnosis. Since readings vary widely in homes, the AlphaSniffer is designed for a wide measurement range while maintaining high sensitivity. Radon also seeks its own unique ways into a building - often in the uppermost or most hidden corners of a room, much to the chagrin of many building diagnosticians. That is why our Radon Sniffer is a lightweight and impresses with its easy handling.

RadonTec AlphaSniffer für Radon Sniffing
RadonTec AlphaSniffer beim Radon Sniffing
RadonTec AlphaSniffer beim Radon Sniffing

Illustrations: The AlphaSniffer in use (The tablet is for demonstration purposes and is not included in the scope of delivery)

AlphaSniffer Tubby

Almost as sensitive as an elephant's trunk

And what does it have to do with the elephant on our AlphaSniffer? Our managing director Rudolf Waltl explains:"With 2,000 olfactory genes, the elephant trumps the dog and also, by a wide margin, humans, and is therefore one of the animals with the most sesible noses. For example, the pachyderms can sniff out water within a radius of 10 kilometers. Elephants therefore have a unique organ.With the AlphaSniffer, we have chosen a device that, figuratively speaking, has a similarly sensitive nose for radon sniffing. Like a water source, our AlphaSniffer reliably locates radon sources in your home that remain hidden from other measuring devices. For these reasons, our Radon Sniffer is symbolically adorned with a picture of these great animals."

Radon Sniffing: Gute Gründe für einen AlphaSniffer

A new product has to convince. The RadonTec business owner explains how our AlphaSniifer accomplishes this:

"For many years now, we have been conducting building inspections in homes with elevated radon levels. Radon sniffing, i.e. the "sniffing" of radon coming out of leaks, is an essential part of this. This means that later remediation measures can be applied in a more targeted manner and thus take effect much more effectively. Until now, however, only expensive radon sniffers have been available on the market for this purpose, often costing well over 10,000 euros. Proud sums of money, which can tear large holes into the pockets of the building biologists and experts, who accomplish everywhere in the country building inspections.

A technically convincing device at an affordable price - the idea for our own sniffing device was born. After intensive discussions, the decision was made in favor of the RadonTec AlphaSniffer: a device that works twice as fast as established radon sniffing devices on the market at a lower price (here we would like to draw a comparison to the AlphaGuard, a device that we have been using for several years, but which is priced at 15,000 euros). The AlphaSniffer now forms the heart of our building inspections and has become a fixed and indispensable instrument in our operations. We are very pleased to be able to offer this measuring device to building biologists and experts.

A special recommendation is the use of the AlphaSniffer in combination with the Blowerdoor for a differential pressure measurement procedure. This makes it even more accurate and easier to locate radon entry points during radon sniffing."

Firmeninhaber Martin Waltl mit dem AlphaSniffer

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