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RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 60 single room ventilation

RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 60 single room ventilation

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  • Delivery rate: 60 m³/h
  • Air purification through G4 filter
  • Ideal for retrofitting in old buildings
  • For radon protection
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  • Delivery rate: 60 m³/h
  • Air purification through G4 filter
  • Ideal for retrofitting in old buildings
  • For radon protection
Mounting Kit 

Retrofit old buildings with the AlphaFreshbox 60 individual room ventilation system

The AlphaFreshbox 60 is a single room ventilation system for optimum decentralised ventilation of separate rooms in flats, houses, social and commercial buildings. An air duct network is not required. The ideal solution for simple and efficient ventilation for retrofitting in old Buildings.

The combined operation of the AlphaFreshbox 60 with heat recovery and an air conditioner is not only the most effective way to create a comfortable climate in the room, but also a considerable cost saving, as the heat exchanger stores the heat in winter and the coolness in summer.

The housing is made of polymer-coated metal and decorated with high-gloss stainless steel. The modern design blends the ventilation unit perfectly into any room design. The removable front cover makes it easy to change filters and clean the ventilation System.


Ventilation is radon protection

If the radon activity concentration in cellars and living rooms is low, the BMU recommends regular mechanical cross-ventilation (window ventilation) of the rooms. Radon-contaminated air is quickly transported outdoors in this way.

If radon levels are elevated, manual ventilation can no longer sufficiently reduce the radon concentration. Here it makes sense to find a technical solution. Automated ventilation ensures that there is a sufficiently high air exchange and thus the radon concentration can be permanently lowered. Since radon usually enters the building via the basement rooms and spreads to the higher floors via stairwells, cables and pipe connections, reducing the radon concentration in the basement helps to significantly reduce the total radon load in the Building.


Function and operating modes

Cold outside air flows through the filter and heat exchanger and is led into the room by the supply air axial fan. Warm extract air is extracted from the room via the filter and heat exchanger and is led outdoors via the extract air axial fan. The heat transfer process takes place in a heat exchanger, in which thermal energy from the extract air is transferred to the fresh supply air. This reduces heat loss and minimises heating costs in the cold season. The supply and extract air streams are separated from each other so that odours and bacteria from the extract air stream cannot be transferred to the supply air stream.

Both supply and extract air streams are cleaned by two built-in air filters of filter class G4. The filters remove dust and insects from the supply air and prevent contamination of the ventilation system. In this way, you maintain a healthy indoor climate. Replacement filters for both supply and extract air are available as accessories.

The system must be equipped with a sensor speed switch.

The control enables ventilation in three operating modes:

  1. Minimum air delivery rate 30 m³/h and noise level 22 dB(A)
  2. Medium air flow rate 45 m³/h and noise level 25 dB(A)
  3. Maximum air flow rate 60 m³/h and noise level 29 dB(A)


Advantages of the AlphaFreshbox 60 at a glance

  • Efficient single room ventilation of separate rooms: designed for continuous operation
  • Heat recovery: Plate counterflow heat exchanger made of plastic with up to 79% efficiency
  • Sensor-controlled frost protection: brief shutdown of the supply air fans until the set temperature is reached again
  • Low energy consumption: EC fans with 12 V extra-low voltage
  • Long service life: motors with integrated overheating protection and ball bearings
  • Integrated control: three operating modes
  • Quiet operation: 22-29 dBA
  • Air purification: two G4 filters
  • Power supply: integrated pulse power supply with 100-240 V supply voltage range at 50-60 Hz
  • Power supply with integrated circuit breaker: safe operation in power networks of different electrical standards
  • Heat and sound insulation: 15 mm PE foam foil
  • Easy mounting


Technical Data of the AlphaFreshbox 60

  Ventilation stage 1 Ventilation stage 2 Ventilation stage 3
Voltage 100-240 V
Power 4,2 W 9,6 W 15,4 W
Conveying capacity 30 m³/h 45 m³/h 60 m³/h
Current consumption 0,02 A 0,04 A 0,07 A
Frequence 50/60 Hz
Speed 1165 min-1 1720 min-1 2685 min-1
Heat recovery 79 % 74 % 70 %
Sound pressure 3 m 22 dBA 25 dBA 29 dBA
Heating without heating
Remote control  Sensory, mechanical
Air duct Ø 125 mm
Protection class IP 22


Mounting kit MK-Freshbox 60 for mounting your ventilation System (optionally)

The MK-Freshbox 60 mounting kit is intended for preparing the installation site for the AlphaFreshbox 60 ventilation system during the construction Phase.

For the installation of the ventilation system in the wall thickness over 500 mm, two extra ventilation pipes Ø 125 mm of the required length must be obtained.

  • 2x plastic ventilation pipe Ø 125 mm, 500 mm long
  • 1x paper template
  • 1x external ventilation bonnet
  • 4x screw and dowel 8x40


Scope of delivery

  • AlphaFreshbox 60 Ventilation unit
  • Speed switch
  • Drilling template
  • Mounting kit MK-Freshbox 60 (optionally)
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RadonTec AlphaFreshbox 60 Manual DE

RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 60 manual EN

RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 60 Data Sheet EN

RadonTec | AlphaFreshbox 60 Data Sheet EN

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