Radon Exhalation from Building Material

Unusual radon values came to light after we installed an underfloor extraction system in the basement of a customer in Munich.  

  • The customer had approx. 2500 Bq/m3 in the basement, values of approx. 800 Bq/m³ on the ground floor and values of approx. 450 Bq/m³ on the upper floor.
  • After the installation of the underfloor extraction system, the values in the basement dropped below 150 Bq/m³.
  • The values in the ground floor decreased as well, but remained higher on average than in the basement.  
  • Values on the ground floor continued to be around 250 Bq/m³, as well as on the upper floor.    

To get to the bottom of this cause, the false floor (wooden false ceilings from the post-war period filled with building rubble, slag, etc.) in the kitchen was examined. Slightly elevated values of the fill were found. When measuring with the AlphaSniffer, it was clearly visible that the radon gas value increased as soon as the sniffer was inserted into the room's false ceiling.   

Radon expert Martin Waltl in action with the AlpahSniffer

Here is the link to get the AlphaSniffer!

In order to check the facts again, we took material from the fill to conduct an investigation in our radon chamber. On the following picture you can see how the radon concentration increased permanently during this test.   

Radon in building materials


The high radon load that entered the building via the basement was successfully reduced by installing the underfloor extraction system, but the false floors on the ground floor and first floor represented a further source of radon, as they are filled with a fill that exalts radon - i.e. continuously releases radon into the indoor air. 

This phenomenon can be observed especially in older houses, in which the false floors described above were installed as intermediate wooden ceilings.     

For your safety: Only measurement brings certainty!      

Radon Exhalation from Building Material

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2022-05-04 07:44:00

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