Radon Protection: Insulating or Sealing?

The german TV channel "ARD Tagesschau" posted a great Instagram Reel (video) on their Social Media Channel, illustrating in an easy-to-understand way the danger posed by radon gas, as well as solutions for Radon Protection. 

But one thing immediately struck us as long-time Radon Experts: In their video, "Better Insulation" is advised as a countermeasure. A small but relevant mistake in terms of Radon Protection!  

If a building in the basement or first floor is not professionally sealed against the ground, but only classically thermally insulated - the danger increases significantly to keep health-damaging radon gas in the building.

Radon Protection

Effective Radon Protection - but how? 

Radon Protection Step 1: 

Active measurement with a high quality & precise radon Measuring Device - which we offer for you in our Radonshop.

Radon measurements should be taken continuously over a twelve-month period to obtain a meaningful radon reading. This is because radon levels are higher in winter due to little ventilation than in summer when windows are open for long periods.

Our best-selling Radon Gas Detector is RadonEye RD200

RadonEye RD200 Radon Gas Detector

Radon Protection Step 2: 

Depending on whether the radon measurement clearly exceeds the value of 300 Bq/m³ specified in Germany, various measures are taken. First, we try to reduce the radon concentration by active ventilation. In a second step, we use the AlphaSniffer to detect the radon entry point in your building, which is then sealed so that no more radon can enter your residential or commercial building via the ground.

You can get our professional measuring device "AlphaSniffer" directly from us in the Radonshop

Radon Protection Step 3:  

If you notice elevated radon levels in your residential or commercial building, feel free to contact our Team of Radon Experts, as each radon problem in every building is unique.

As trained specialists (Bay. LfU, 2013), we are at your side with advice, planning, measurement as well as implementation of preventive or remediation measures in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, whenever Radon Protection is concerned. We can also provide individual solutions for complex problems thanks to our own development department. 

Radon Sealing

Do you have questions or a concern about Radon Protection? 

Then visit our info page Radon Consulting or contact us!   

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2022-10-21 17:05:00

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The german TV channel "ARD Tagesschau" posted a great Instagram Reel (video) on their Social Media Channel, illustrating in an easy-to-understand...


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