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Radon measuring device FTLAB RadonEye RD200

One device, many advantages: If you want to measure radon values quickly and reliably, this electronic detector offers the latest technology at an optimal price-performance ratio. Thanks to the easy-to-understand operating instructions and smartphone app, you can easily determine dangerous radon levels in your home. Customers especially rate the short measuring interval of 10 min as ideal: How successful consistent ventilation of rooms can reduce the radon concentration can be read almost in real time on the large OLED display. Hourly measured values are stored for up to one year, so that they can be monitored in graphic form (mobile phone) or as a data series (download file). A calibration certificate from the manufacturer guarantees high measuring accuracy for many years. The RadonEye RD200 was our bestseller 2018 and 2019.


All advantages of the RadonEye at a glance

  • Easy to use
  • Fast acquisition (concrete, reliable value after only 1 hour!)
  • Large measuring accuracy (deviation clearly < 10%)
  • High measuring frequency (smallest interval: 10 min, quasi real-time Information)
  • Latest measurement technology (ionization pulse chamber)


For whom the RadonEye is particularly suitable

  • Short and long-term measurement in private homes
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of radon protection measures
  • Rapid initial assessment of the radon situation, e.g. when buying real estate (note 1 hour minimum measurement time!)


RadonEye App

The Radon-Eye is designed for use with a smartphone or tablet. The meter connects via Bluetooth, so the Radon-Eye can be used with almost any smartphone or tablet. The app for the meter can be downloaded free of charge from the Playstore/Appstore. After installing the app, all you need to do is establish a Bluetooth connection to the Radon-Eye - and you can read your values in Detail.

Technology FTLAB RadonEye

If you want to carry out a particularly accurate and fast radon measurement, there is no way around measuring instruments with ionisation chamber technology. The Radon measuring instrument Radon-Eye has exactly this ionisation chamber and therefore does not need to hide from very expensive professional measuring instruments. Therefore the Radon Meter Radon-Eye RD200 can be highly recommended to private and professional users.


Scope of delivery

  • Radon measuring device FTLAB RadonEye
  • Power supply unit
  • Operating instructions


RadonEye Manual DE

Instructions for commissioning, use of the smartphone app and additional product information

RadonEye Manual DE

RadonEye Manual EN

Instructions for commissioning, use of the smartphone app and additional product information

RadonEye Manual EN

FAQ (17)

Radon in general

General questions with answers about radon

1. Correct placement of the measuring device

- at least 25 cm from the nearest wall

- at least 50 cm above the floor

- at least 150 cm from the nearest window, door, radiator or ventilation slits

- no direct sunlight

- protect from dripping water or moisture

- rooms with ground contact (soil) tend to have a higher radon load

- dormitories, hobby rooms or children's rooms (rooms with a long stay) should be at the top of your list of measurements

- place your measuring device where you "breathe" I.e. at your desk at head level, in the bedroom on the bedside table, in the hobby or sports room at eye level.

2. Pay attention to weather and environmental influences

Radon values are subject to strong fluctuations. Especially the weather and also the season have a strong influence on the measured radon values. For this reason, we recommend that passive long-term measurements are always carried out in parallel to the short-term measurements.

In summer the measured values tend to be lowest. In spring and autumn you (usually) get a good average value of the average exposure over the annual average. In winter the measured values tend to be higher due to:

- worse ventilation behaviour

- frozen floor / walls, which become more permeable to the radon gas

- Chimney effects in the house (through strong heating)

For this reason, it is recommended that at least part of the measurements (long-term measurements) be taken in spring or autumn.

3. Measurement duration for radon measurements

The longer the measurement period, the more accurate the measurement result. Air pressure, humidity, temperature, wind, rain, sun can also have an influence on the measured radon values. For this reason, a measurement duration of at least 7 days per room is recommended (for short-term measurements). Short-term measurements are good to get a first impression of the current situation, but in addition to short-term measurements, long-term measurements over several months should also be carried out.

4. Extreme value measurement

If you want to carry out an extreme value measurement at your home, you should not enter the room or ventilate it for days before the actual measurement. During the measurement, the room should also not be entered or ventilated. In this way you can determine your maximum radon exposure.

5. Realistic radon value

In order to get the best & realistic average value of your radon exposure, you should continue to use the desired room as usual. This means that you should not change your habits (door open/closed, ventilation behaviour, usage behaviour) during the measurement. It is best to start the measurement and simply ignore the measuring device for the next few days. This will give you a radon value that reflects the real exposure (but please also consider point 2, that e.g. in winter your ventilation behaviour can change).

6. Typical measurement errors when measuring radon

- Measuring time too short

- Changing the position of the measuring device during the measurement

- Wrong measuring point

- Other use of the room than usual (in the case of extreme value measurement this is done intentionally)

Normally, the radon levels are highest in the basement rooms and decrease with each additional floor. However, due to structural conditions (gaps in the walls, chimneys, electrical ducts, water supply shafts, ventilation shafts, heat insulation cladding, etc.) chimney effects can occur, which literally suck the radon gas into the upper floors. Only a measurement in the respective rooms can give you certainty.

7. Measurement results of the neighbour

Measurement results from your neighbor or measurements that have been taken in your area cannot give a reliable statement about your own radon exposure in your house. Radon can change from little to extremely much within a few meters due to different soil layers (clay, gravel, groundwater, etc.). Also the characteristics of each building (tightness of the floor slab, walls, pipe penetrations) are individual. Likewise, the ventilation behaviour and the use of space are different. Our recommendation is therefore clear, that only your own measurements can provide real information about your personal radon situation.

Radon is a radioactive pollutant which occurs as a natural gas and escapes from soils and building materials. Radon penetrates through the cellar walls and the cellar floor into houses, where it can accumulate considerably due to poor ventilation.

Via the air we breathe, we transport the radon and its radioactive secondary products into our lungs, where they can cause considerable damage through radiation. This is why radon is now cited as the main cause of lung cancer after smoking.

Radon is a naturally occurring gas from which one can protect oneself with the right measures. That is why the correct handling of it is all the more important.

The radioactive gas radon decomposes into decay products, which are also radioactive. The short-lived decomposition products can subsequently adhere to dust particles (aerosols) in the room air, which cause them to be inhaled by humans. Once the radioactive particles are in the lungs, some particles are deposited in the lungs. The radon gas itself is largely exhaled unchanged.

So it is not radon itself that poses the greatest danger, but its decay products. The inhaled radioactive particles emit high-energy, ionising radiation during decay, which can directly damage the lung tissue. This promotes and promotes the development of lung cancer.  

How high is the risk of lung cancer?
Population studies show that the risk of lung cancer is directly related to the level of radon gas concentration in the ambient air. In the fresh air the risk is very low, because the radon thins quickly. In buildings, on the other hand, the gas often accumulates in the lower rooms, which can lead to alarming concentrations.


Do smokers have an increased risk?
Smokers generally have an increased risk of lung cancer. About 90% of all lung cancer deaths are due to smoking. Studies also show that smokers are also particularly susceptible to the harmful potential of radon. Most radon-related deaths occur in smokers. The following table shows the relationship between radon concentration and the amount of cigarettes smoked:

Table: Risk of dying of lung cancer up to the age of 75 years

Radon Concentration

0 Bq/m3

Radon Concentration

800 Bq/m3

Lifelong non-smoker

0,4 %

0,7 %

Smokers*) up to 30 years of age

2,3 %

3,7 %

Smokers*) up to 50 years of age

4,3 %

7,2 %

Smokers*) up to 75 years of age

10,4 %

16,9 %

*) 15-24 cigarettes daily

Further information can be found here:

RadonEye FAQ

Questions and answers about RadonEye.
You can download the smartphone app for free from the Google Playstore or Appstore. To do this, navigate with your mobile phone to the corresponding page and enter the search term "Radon Eye". After installation, please follow the instructions.

No, the device is exclusively designed for indoor use. The measuring range of the RadonEye goes up to max. 3.700 Bq/m3; in soil air concentrations up to 500.000 Bq/m³ are often found.

Since the technology in the device is robust and wear-free, you can assume a lifetime of > 10 years when used properly.

Since the technology in the device is robust and wear-free, you can assume a lifetime of > 10 years when used properly.

Similar to a smartphone or cordless phone, a RadonEye also pulses regularly. For this reason we offer a Bluetooth shielding cap especially for radiation-sensitive customers.

Yes, you can do that without any problems. Please note, however, that the long-term average value would result in a mixing of the room-specific measured values if the previous measurement results were not first saved via download and then deleted before each changeover. In addition, when moving from one room to another, the unit should be disconnected from the mains for a period of approx. 4 hours to allow "old" air from the anteroom to escape completely from the measuring chamber.

No, a recalibration is not necessary - except you want to use the device in field of occupational radiation protection. n this case, recalibration would be necessary every two years or depending on country-specific regulations.

Yes, by means of a special step-up cable (Attention: no normal USB cable!) the RadonEye RD200 can also be operated with a powerbank. Note: Not all powerbank brands are suitable for this, please follow the instructions in the product description of the step-up cable. Depending on the size of the powerbank the device can be operated for about 1 - 4 days.

Yes, you can download the measured values (output at hourly intervals) for your smartphone via smartphone app and at the same time send the file (.txt format) to your PC by e-mail. There the file can be opened and edited with Excel.

The RadonEye RD200 shows a concrete, reliable value of the radon concentration 1 hour after start-up. In general, however, Radon should be measured over a longer period of time to get a profound overall picture of the situation in a building.

No, Bluetooth can not be deactivated. Our recommendation: Please use our Bluetooth shielding cap made of special electromagnetic shielding material. It reduces Bluetooth radiation till 95% and let radon fully through.

The Radon Eye can be operated with or without a smartphone, as the most important measured values are shown on the display. This includes, for example, the measured maximum value (peak), the total measurement duration of the current measurement series and a long-term average value.

However, you will get more detailed data when using the smartphone app. Your smartphone or tablet must meet the following system requirements:

- Bluetooth 4.0 or higher

- Android 4.3 or higher

- IOS 8.0 or higher

Yes, the RadonEye can also be operated with batteries. This requires an extra 12V/USB cable. With this cable the RadonEye can be connected to a normal (mobile) PowerBank. Depending on the size of the PowerBank, the RadonEye can be operated mobile for up to 2 or 3 days.

No, this is not the case. With normal, proper use, deposits are extremely small and therefore absolutely negligible.


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5 from 5 RadonEye

wow, nice product. The radoneye is much better than the corentium home / canary device, because you can see the current radon value directly on the display. this is perfect for us, because if the radon level is to high, i can open a window.. good device, thanks for support

5 from 5 Easy and fast to use

Easy to use, and fast.

5 from 5 Preiswert

Der RD200 ist nicht grade günstig. Aber Preiswert. Die Verarbeitung ist dem Preis entsprechend hochwertig. Das Gehäuse fühlt sich sehr gut stabil und gut verarbeitet an.
Das OLED Display ist sehr gut ablesbar und ausreichend groß.
Die Bluetooth Reichweite ist in Ordnung, schafft sogar eine Beton Kellerdecke. Ich frage den RD200 mit einem Raspberry PI 3 über Bluetooth an.
Github: ceandre/radonreader damit kommt man sehr komfortable an die Daten.

App unter IOS ist auch in Ordnung, tut ihren Dienst

Sehr gutes Produkt, nicht günstig, aber definitiv preiswert.



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