Every company has a unique story

Every path to your own company is exciting as well as individual. So is ours. We would like to show you the story behind RadonTec GmbH and the many motivating factors that have always driven us.

The roots or also "Mia schaffat was!"

Growing up in a rural area on their home farm in Bavaria, the two founding brothers have known one thing above all since childhood: work, work, work. Today, Rudolf and Martin Waltl put all their energy into RadonTec GmbH, which they founded in 2017, and give their all to make the living and working environment a little bit radon-free for people every day. Nevertheless, they have remained true to the farm: Today, the company's headquarters are located in idyllic Schabringen.

Company headquarters RadonTec GmbH


The history of the development of RadonTec GmbH

Behind every company there are also ambitious minds that want to change something. We would like to show you what goals our founders have been pursuing since their first contact with the topic of radon.

Martin Waltl

From homeowner to entrepreneur - that is the brief founding story of graduate engineer Martin Waltl, one of the two managing directors. He had just broken ground on his house when he had no idea that in a few years he would be the ambitious entrepreneur of a family business.

Because when the construction of the house was in full swing in 2011, as a family man, he was driven by one particular goal in particular: To build the house for his family radon-proof. At that time, radon was still little known among the general public, expertise about the noble gas was not widespread, and even the solutions that could be found on the market for radon remediation and measurement were market for radon remediation and measurement were sparse. To change this Martin Waltl soon made it his main task. As one of the first radon experts in Germany, he wanted to make measuring devices and products for protection against radon and products for protection against radon much easier and faster for others, by opening up the German radon market with his brother, and shortly afterwards also the international radon market.

Rudolf Waltl

Martin Waltl's brother Rudolf Waltl also recognized a great need for action regarding the radon market. He was also one of the first in Germany to complete training as a radon specialist. With the knowledge of a graduate industrial engineer, great perseverance and the same passion for the subject of radon as his brother, the two sacrificed every free minute to their then still young company. The launch of the then educational website with integrated online store www.was-ist-radon.de is certainly one of the significant milestones in the company's history, as it was one of the first major sources of information on the subject of radon at the time.

RadonTec GmbH - The experts for holistic radon protection

The high level of commitment and the ambition to continuously expand the product and service portfolio for the needs of our customers have achieved great success in recent years. One ambition always drives us:

The realization of a holistic radon protection.

Today, RadonTec GmbH is the place to go when people affected by radon to solve their individual radon problem. With the Radonshop our company is one of the largest suppliers of radon measuring instruments in Europe and has more than 15,000 national and international customers. Our trained support team answers the questions and concerns of our customers daily. and concerns of the buyers about our products from a wide product portfolio. With our building diagnostics and our individual consulting we analyze houses of different sizes both on site  and by telephone.

Today we can proudly say that we have already been able to help a large number of people to live without harmful radon concentrations and will continue to do so with the greatest motivation.

RadonTec Products and Services

Personal and individual

          Our experience is the key.

          We take our time for you.

Since we have been operating in the radon industry for many years, we can today we can draw on a large pool of experience and broad expertise. knowledge. Not only personally on the phone, but also on site we can use both successfully to always achieve the optimal result for our customers.

Customers are in different initial situations and express different wishes. different wishes. We therefore work together with our customers to with our customers, from product advice to more complex building diagnostics. to more complex building diagnostics.

Our milestones

RadonTec Timeline

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