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Rental of electromagnetic pollution measuring devices:

great selection, fair prices If you want to get an overview of any existing electric smog, then you can with us also rent a electrosmog meter like. The rental period, you decide do this, select the pick list next to the product the desired rental period from -. 1-2 days after the order, you can keep your borrowed electrosmog meter in his hands. After you have finished the measurement, send the device by post to us. If you want to extend the rental, then you just need to send us a short e-mail: We'll leave you then get an inexpensive extension offer.  

Electrosmog meter rent: quickly and easily borrow electrosmog meter

Radonshop.com offers various electromagnetic measuring instruments for rent. Whether you want to measure wireless radiation, cell phone radiation or low-frequency fields: Here you will find the right instrument! To select several individual devices or measuring kit with equipment are available in combo set. With the combination sets no more to be desired. The included high-frequency and low-frequency analyzers enable measurement over the entire range of the most common frequency ranges. The electromagnetic measuring devices from Gigahertz Solutions you can also read the measured values ??from the comfort of the display. If you decide with ticker function for an electromagnetic measuring device, so there is the possibility to locate a radiation source effortlessly for you.  

Electrosmog measure: simply borrow quality measurement technology!

In our shop you can rent various electromagnetic measuring instruments. Take advantage of our favorable rental deals and get a general overview, whether you have an electro-stress. Most of our instruments are suitable for both amateurs and professionals. Even devices such as are often used by construction biologists, doctors and naturopaths, are in our shop. If the order value is above the limit are of 100 Euro, then you can also benefit from our free shipping (within EU). Please note that we offer our rental services usually only for Germany and Austria. Other countries on request!

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