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In stock
  • Installation in a vacuum pipe System
  • Max vacuum 2200 Pa
  • Max flow rate 130 m³/h
  • To convey and reduce radon
Price on request
Variations in:
  • Nominal size
  • Speed Controller
  • Radial tube fan for radon ventilation
  • Direct installation in ventilation ducts
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Available nominal widths: 100, 125, 150, 160 mm
  • Optionally with speed controller
Price on request

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Radon exhaust: smart suction for better health!

In the living rooms of Central Europe often Radon accumulates in larger concentrations, although there are simple solutions to remedy this problem. The noble gas radon - the second leading cause of lung cancer - can usually be eliminated with little costly remedial measures. In you can find a wide range of products with which sucked radon gas or the upgrade can be prevented. One of the most effective methods is to establish a radon fountain, which is best planned before the construction of the house. The Radon fountain serves as a reservoir under the bottom plate of the house, in which accumulates radon-laden air and is sucked to the outside. Here in the store you can find the full range of products, which is necessary for the establishment of a Radon fountain.

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