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Wall Penetration
Wall Penetration

Radonproof Pipe & cable fairlead

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Radon Foil

Radon Foil for radon protection 

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Protection from Radon:

Radon products for your renovation! Radon is injurious to health rare gas because it secretes alpha radiation from the decay. In particular, people who live in polluted areas radon, can therefore benefit from a radon remediation. When radon shop offers various products that prevent radon gas accumulates in large quantities in your living spaces. Among the products include radon colors exactly as radon protectors, bushings and fillers and sealants. In order to obtain the greatest possible shield against penetrating radon, these products should be combined. A consistent application of radon protection products you can reduce the radon levels in your home to a minimum and reduce the health burden felt to radon.  

Radon gas shield:

a plus for your health The measurement of existing alpha radiation with a radon meter is only the first step when it comes to a radon exposure. But, what if an elevated radon is found in your home? How can you still protect? The answer to this question is simple: In addition to consistent airing a radon remediation is the drug of choice to reduce radon exposure permanently. So you can prevent the entry of the inert gas through the walls of your house by applying Radon color. If you live in a radon-loaded region, so a radon remediation are needed with radon protector. Here, a film is mounted on the bottom plate of the house that rising radon gas can not penetrate into the basement.  

Radon foil Radon color and specialty sealants:

fair prices, free shipping! In you get all kinds of materials that are needed for a successful radon remediation. Whether shielding paint, radon protective film or sealants: here you will find it! We are happy to advise you on the subject of radon remediation and recommend the right products for your individual situation at home. When ordering larger quantities are also discounts available (for example, the purchase of radon protective film). By the way: Spend more than 100 euros, you will receive your order free shipping sent home (EU)!

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