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Geiger counter

Radioactivity measure: Geiger counters and dosimeters of offers a wide range of different Geiger counters and apparatus for measuring radiation, with which you can determine a radioactivity.

We offer simpler devices for lending and beginners as well as professional Geiger counter for employees from research and industry. For beginners in the field of measurement of radioactivity are, for example, the apparatus for measuring radiation from Radex (Radex RD 1212 or Radex RD 1503+).

For simple measurements of gamma radiation and the Geiger Counter Gamma Easy can be used, which provides all the necessary basic functions for measurement of gamma radiation.

Geiger Counter Gamma Scout: high quality and great functionality

Many customers who buy a Geiger counter, wondering how best Geiger counter for them. In serves a fine selection of radiation-measuring instruments, which have proven themselves in practice for some time.

For this class include for example the Geiger Counter Gamma Scout. The Geiger Counter Gamma Scout are developed and produced in Germany and convince with the latest technology and precise measurements.

All Gamma Scout models have to be used over a dosimeter function and can be used as normal dosimeters. If you do not know the Geiger counter you want to buy, then you will find detailed information about each device in the respective products.

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