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Electric smog reduce - with demand switches from

During the construction of apartments and houses many kilometers of cable will be used in part. A majority of them make power cables, as well as telephone, television and network cable must be laid. Account shall be taken in particular by power cables high currents, the two different types of electromagnetic pollution cause: electric and magnetic fields in the low frequency range. Once an electrical appliance is turned off, and the magnetic field disappears - but the electric field remains in the entire power mains. At this point the demand switch put on. The demand switch (also known as demand switches) disconnect the circuit to ensure a significant reduction of electrosmog in the low frequency range.  

Demand switches - the convenient solution for reducing electromagnetic pollution

The demand switch (mains switch) is installed without much trouble in the fuse box. Once the final consumer was turned off, the demand switch disconnects the circuit, so that no electric or magnetic fields are no longer present. In this manner, bedrooms and living rooms can be almost completely exempt from electric smog. However, once you switch on again a consumer, this is recognized by demand switches and restore the power supply without delay. So You can normally perform all everyday actions without having to sacrifice comfort.  

Eliminate Low-frequency fields - at moderate prices

Demand Switch / demand switches reduce the electrosmog load significantly in your own home and provide for an increase in health and wellbeing. In you find a variety of different devices that have already proven successful for some time in practice. All demand switch can be used with rotary dimmers, energy saving light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Smaller consumers (for example, baby night lights) also work if the power supply has been disconnected from the mains decoupler. All demand switches of our assortment are also VDE-tested, which indicates a high level of product safety. Like all products, we also send our demand switch free delivery to your home, as long as the purchase value over 100 Euro is (within EU).

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