Active Radon Detectors
Active Radon Detectors

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Passiv Radon Detector
Passiv Radon Detector

Find many different radon detectors for indoor and outdoor. For...


Leasing of Radon devices Quick and easy to rent Radon meter!...

In stock
In stock
Variations in:
  • Scope of Delivery
  • State-tested & recognised measuring point
  • Also suitable for outdoor measurements
  • Including measuring instructions and plan for recording working times
  • Laboratory evaluation included


35,16 € - 59,85 € *
Top rated
Top rated

Radon/Thoron monitor RTM2200 Soil Gas - an ultimate solution for Radon professionals

  • Radon/Thoron measurements in:
    • air;
    • water probes;
    • soil gas incl. soil permeability;
    • exhalation;
  • Full real Alpha spectroscopy
  • High sensitivity & wide measurement range – up to 10.000.000 Bq/m³
  • Insensitive to changes in humidity and temperature
  • Big memory – > 1 Mio data records
  • Robust protection suitcase (IP67) 
  • Automatic water inflow protection
  • USB/RS-232 interfaces for data export
  • GPS receiver
  • Power supply via mains power (110/230V) or 12V internal battery (≈ 5 days continuously measurement)
  • Factory calibration certificate included
  • EAN 7141224199026
15.542,59 € *
Delivery time: 58 - 59 Workdays
Top rated
Top rated

Das RTM1688-2 ist ein absolut universeller Radon/Thoron Monitor, mit dem der gesamte Be­reich der Radonmessungen abgedeckt werden kann.

9.365,30 € *
Delivery time: 30 - 31 Workdays

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Radon measuring instruments for fast and accurate measurement of radon In get different radon measuring devices for accurate and reliable determination of indoor radon concentrations.

Supplied to different products to choose from. With our exposimeters you can carry out long-term and short-term measurement and thus obtain accurate information on whether in your own home there is a radon exposure. The advantage of exposimeters lies firstly in the ease of use of the device (up, measure, send to the laboratory), as well as in the high measurement accuracy.

The passive radon exposure meters is simply sent to the measurement to a certified laboratory, where it is evaluated by experts for free. You will then receive a report that tells you whether you have an exposure to radon.

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